Did you go to college or university? Did you learn something while you were having fun? Well, we are here to attending God School, and it’s similar to college: you get to learn things and you get to come to the party. And just like in college, there are foundation courses that everyone takes, followed by electives that you might choose if that’s a topic that interests you.

Whether you’re studying art, architecture, engineering, medicine, history or anything else, you need to take the core studies that will give you the basic knowledge and skills to take on more advanced learning. (In the case of God School, the advanced teaching is all aimed towards co-creation in your particular area of interest.) There are five of these core courses in God School, and you will get on better and faster if you master them early:

1. Law

The entire universe is based on spiritual or universal Law, and that universal Law applies to everyone, without exception. It doesn’t matter how rich, handsome, healthy or intelligent you are: you still have to follow Law. Even God follows Law, because this kind of law is wound into the very fabric of reality. What does universal law involve, and how does it affect you?

The main universal laws are order, creativity, cycles, light, cause and effect, vibration, focus, harmony, balance, polarity, transmutation and perfection/joy. Every part of the universal energy fields is shaped and programmed by these principles, and as our local and personal energy fields are subsets of those universal fields, then we must also follow universal law. The energy fields create our physical manifestation, so all of our co-creation is made possible by alignment with Law.

2. Faith

Faith is the operating system of your inner bio-computers. As we know from computers, a operating system (like Windows or OSX), provides the environment that allows your individual programs. Your operating system is centered in your Immortal Soul, and it lets you choose exactly which programs you can run. If you don’t have faith, you cannot run the highest programs available to you.

What is faith? It is the ‘evidence of things desired, the substance of things not seen’. That is, faith is the understanding that there is a larger, more complex intelligence out there – one that some people call ‘God’. There is an entire universe that operates under, over or beyond the physical reality we can touch, taste, smell, hear and see. That universe lines up with Law, and our lives work much better when we align ourselves with Faith.

3. Obedience

Oooooh, that’s a hard one for most of us! I’m not talking about obeying local law, your parents or your spouse; rather, obedience means alignment with your divine blueprint, the one that lays out what you are designed to be, do and have. So a great question to ask is, “Does __________ take me closer to my divine blueprint?” If not, don’t do it!

The really cool thing about obedience is that it takes you places you would never get to just by following your thinking mind or feelings. It’s like a treasure hunt: you get sent to one place, and there is another set of instruction to take you to a higher place still. Spiritual obedience takes you to a higher vibration than you can manage on your own… and that’s got to help your assignments here on earth.

4. Living in the Now

You know, we all grew up being taught that rational thinking is the highest way to process. In reaction to over-intellectualism, lots of us then put too much emphasis on our feelings. The problem is that both take you out of the now. Thought is the past, thinking is the future, and feeling takes you to a distorted version of the present – just remember the last time you were in love! Any emotion others than bliss and elation just takes you out of being truly present.

Now is always your choice point. Now is the only timeframe in which you can take action, make choices and changes, or respond cleanly to the people and circumstances around you. So it is very important to stay in the Now as much as possible if you want to be yourself and make the right choices in your world.

5. Listening/intuition

So how do you tune up all that Law, faith, obedience and living in the Now? You learn how to listen with your inner ears, and see with your inner eyes. In my world, any kind of intution is called ‘listening in the field’, whether you hear words and sounds, receive visual images, or have a feeling in your body.

What you are listening to, or for, is information in the energy fields. You have a whole set of records in your inner ‘hard drive’ that constitute your personal truth. These records will tell you exactly what you are here to do, be and have, so learning to read your records – to develop your intution and listen to that inner voice – is an important skill in getting through God School.

So there you have the five core courses that we each get to master as we make our way through God School. After that you get to choose advanced classes that help you with your overall assignments here – whatever those are. Although we may have unique courses, some of which we make up as we go along, everyone has the same aim: learning how to live on this planet, and how to become a co-creator with God in restoring heaven on earth. Oh, and we get to have fun as we do it!

Author's Bio: 

Dr. Kyre Adept is a certified Geotran human programmer and integration coach. Her practice ART of Integration is based in Santa Barbara; she helps high-flyers all over the world to create their rich, delicious, balanced lives. Find out how human reprogramming can help you soar! For more info, go to http://www.ART-of-Integration.com.