Everything that comes and goes in your life is due to one thing that people give different names, chance, luck, destiny, God, or nature.

The nature of the world is what it is. For example, using average people, the nature of a thief is to steal, the nature of an honest person is to be trusting. Nature rules that when a thief and an honest person meet in the right circumstances, the thief will steal and the honest person will lose. That is just nature. This has nothing to do with god or any angel or any being, or any amount of thought and thinking and creating. Nature rules.

If you are asleep it is certainly easier to be robbed or, to miss a good opportunity to rob. It is not your thoughts themselves on a particular goal or idea that makes things happen, but rather that if you can maintain a constant focused thought, you are awake. It boils down to being awake and present and aware more than what the thoughts you are thinking are about. Being awake is to be present.

Naturally, if you are awake, you will be aware of anything related to the thoughts in your mind. If you are a thief who is awake looking for a good victim, then you will find a good victim. If you are an honest person aware that you are surrounded by thieves and pick pockets, you will be far more aware and prevent being robbed by simply being a difficult victim since you are present and not asleep. The thief will go for the easiest victim, and so it is not your thoughts of god protecting you that keeps you safe, rather it is simply that you are present and thinking that makes you a harder victim so the thief does not go after you. YOU protected yourself by using the laws of nature which is that a predator will choose the easiest prey and you made yourself a difficult prey. That has nothing to do with god or positive thinking.

As for getting the things you desire, if you have a goal and think of getting something, and you are awake, then you will see the opportunities to get your goal. Again, it is not some god giving you what you desire, it is your being awake and present so that you see opportunities and increase your chances to get your goal.

If your thoughts are powerful and focused and intent enough, you can influence other people so that circumstances appear to deliver what you want. In this way, you have the power to create or destroy things in your life. You really want what you think of most often, even if you do not realise that is what you want. This is a vital sentence, and you must give it great respect.

Add to this fact that you most likely are not aware of what you are thinking of most of the time. Test this by trying to keep your mind focused on one single thought for ten minutes straight while doing any task. Then you will know how much time in your normal day you actually know what you are thinking about.

You can attract the opportunity for wealth or go bankrupt and be a failure, depending on what your magnetic centre is, which is built on the most frequent thought habits you have or what you think of most often. This has nothing to do with god, it is all in your hands. The problem is that if you cannot control your thoughts, then it is not in your hands, it is in the hands of whatever random or habitual thoughts come to your mind, either from your own sub-conscious or from outside influences.

You are a large part of the results of your life, but you are not aware of it or you do not develop the ability to control your thoughts to get what you want. Regardless of any amount of intense focused thought, you still have to deal with the laws of nature and with people and the world.

There is a story about a property developer and an investor who make a partnership because the developer has the experience and the investor has the money. At the end of the deal, the developer has the money and the investor got the experience. That is nature. There is you and there is nature, nature does not care who you are, it is not personal, it just makes things happen, it makes thing born, grow, die and decay, there is nothing personal about it, totally objective, the rest is just your imagination. To be shocked when things happen is to deny the laws of nature, it is a futile waste of energy.

The key to being able to achieve any desire you have is in intense emotion. A purely intellectual thought repeated a billion times will give you nothing. The magic ingredient is purpose and passion. There must be someone in your life which is giving you a reason to do and acquire what you desire. It does not have to be someone you know personally, it could be a boyfriend girlfriend, or it could be a total stranger, a starving child in Africa, as long as there is a person that is inspiring some intense emotion and passion within you that will give you the power to have such an intense focused thought that it can actually make almost anything happen. That is the secret to thinking and creating intentionally for a specific desire rather than just allowing any random rubbish to happen to you based on whatever rubbish flows through your mind.

All this boils down to one thing, there is no god running your life giving rewards and punishment, the world is totally impersonal. God, whatever that is, is totally impersonal, it is expressed in the nature of all things. It is the force which runs the planet and every being on it. The only thing that matters is you learning to control your thoughts and mind, and with that, combining intense emotion and passion in your life and desires to give you the power “To think IS to create”.

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