Unlike its reputation, Goa is a state of craftsmanship with the oldest crafts history in the country. It is, in fact, famous for the art of making Gold jewellery.
Goan traditional jewellery is not only famous in Indian but also worldwide.

Goan jewellery was introduced to the world by “Daivadnya Brahmins” who were known for their skills of jewellery designing.

It was because of them that Goan jewellery became popular.

From a traditional bajubandh to a classic earcuffs, necklaces, bangles and kadas, Goan jewellery styles come in a remarkable variety, something that will leave you spoilt for choice.

Read all about the Traditional Goa jewellery and its famous styles for ears below!

Goan Traditional Jewellery For Ears

Goan earrings are known for their intricate work and unique design that is adorned with ornate designing.
These designs are inspired by ancient Indian culture and folklores).

From studs adorned with Diamonds/precious gemstones to different types of earcuffs, the kind of variety available in Goan jewellery will leave you spoilt for choice.

There’s a lot of similarity between Goan jewellery styles for ears and the Konkan jewellery of Maharashtra. Both regions have a lot of similar designs in the category of Earrings.

Styles such as Pake earrings are common to both Goan and Konkani jewellery culture.

Read everything about different styles of earrings that are popular in Goan culture.

Pake Earrings:

These are traditional earcuffs that are adorned with Konkani designs and patterns. Women usually wear Pake on festive occasions, poojas, family gatherings or at a wedding. Pake earrings are paired with the Goa traditional dress.

A pair of traditional Pake is made of Gold and it consists of floral motifs along with pearls strung together to form a mesh-like pattern.

The more expensive designs include Diamonds or precious gemstones. Pake earrings are very important for Goan brides and women as they have a cultural value attached to them.

If you want to shop for pake earrings then you can check out any local Goa jewellery shop.

Vel Earrings:

These are long earrings that have a sleek design. Made of Gold, Vel earrings are worn on a daily basis. Women in Goa wear vel earrings with Goa traditional dress.

Kaan Earrings:

These are another type of earcuffs that are worn at a traditional Konkani wedding by the women. Made of Gold, Kaan earrings are adorned by Gold motifs such as leaves (like the motifs shown in this picture of Kaan earrings).
If you want to add a few pieces of Goan traditional jewellery to your collection then kaan earrings are the best option. They will add a Goan touch to your look without overwhelming it.

Ved Earrings:

These are regular stud earrings, made with Gold and adorned with Diamond/precious gemstones. Ved earrings look gorgeous with Goa traditional dress.

So, these were different types of earrings’ styles famous in Goa. Which of these Goan jewellery styles did you like the most? Tell us in the comments below!

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