King Solomon once said without a vision people perish. Whether you believe in the Christian belief in King Solomon's wisdom or not, the truth he speaks is paramount, and it is alleged that he became the wealthiest person with a wealth equating today to 1 trillion dollars! Gain wisdom from the master!

Once there was a great king who prayed that he gain wisdom. This prayer for wisdom helped him amass a wealth of 1 trillion dollars in today's money it is alleged! This is big money, and a kind of wealth which is amazing and mind boggling.

Achieving this sum took wisdom. Here is what I wanted to point out another subtle example, and that is that once I heard about a man who climbed Mount Everest. He climbed up, but unfortunately got so ill in a point they call the dead man zone. Passing this zone, if anyone is sick past a point, they need to be left behind so it doesn't jeopardize the entire group.

The man miraculously woke up and climbed back down by himself. The reason? He said that he thought of his wife, and he loved her so much that he had to go back. So he did. This is a prime example of having a vision. So I testify that without a vision people perish.

Goal setting is a subset of vision. A vision is a picture of an ideal. Goals must come out of a vision, not the other way around. First a picture of an ideal must be painted, and then the goals plucked out of it.

I find it funny how so few people follow this train of thought. In fact I used to do it, and realized this when people explain my goal is to make 1 million dollars. It is as though once the money comes they will know what to do with it!

Life does not operate with such methods. A vision is essential as holding it is what will allow you to know when you have arrived! It takes time and focus, and is hard, but an ideal held will manifest.

Taking the time to create a vision can literally save your life. Most goal setting programs forget this and start looking at how to goal set. How to write goals, and they have as much meaning as looking at a foreign language. A picture is worth a 1000 words as is said, and I think that if we grasp a picture of our ideal it will be easier to work towards it.

This is my finding, and to get there we need a map. So few people have this kind of map. Vision creation and plucking goals out of it is a surefire way of staying motivated and achieving success. Imagine this there are parts in that vision that you can start making progress on today, in a week, in a month, and in the years to come.

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Kozan Huseyin is a life coach who takes people from A to B, where you are to where you want and expect to get to. To design a life, you need some things. It is not just goal setting but having a vision which goals come out of. To create a vision you need a map.

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