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In Goal Setting books and programs there’s an underlying thread of advice that seems present in most teachings and that is the concept of being “congruent” with your goal. I want to discuss this today because I think it’s so much more than an underlying thread. In fact, it’s one of the main pillars of my Unbound & Limitless program. IF you are not congruent with your goal, you seriously decrease your odds of success.

What Is Being ”Congruent” ?

Good question. Let me outline the concept. Congruence is when things are all working towards the same end. Let’s say that Tom wants to loose 20 pounds. I could easily use an analogy that involves job promotion, relationships or some other thing, the laws of congruence will apply.

Goal Setting with Unbound & Limitless

Tom needs to loose 20 lbs in 30 days. He must consider the following things and then make them congruent with his goal. An important thing to remember is that if a force in your life isn’t pushing you towards your goal, it might be keeping you from it.

Tom decides to loose the weight. Check. That was the easy part.

  • Tom sets a deadline. Check
  • Tom must control or measure his calorie intake somehow. Not doing this is dangerous. People who aren’t aware of how much they eat are sometimes baffled that the weight won’t fall off. We don’t count little snacks as we pass the break room, or nibbles on mixed nuts… but guess what? Our bodies count it! Counting calories is congruent to the goal of weight loss. Not counting is NOT congruent and represents a huge opportunity for obstacles and setbacks.
  • Tom makes up a schedule to exercise. Check. You can see where this is congruent and where not doing it is an open invitation to skip workouts.
  • Tom plans where he will exercise. Check
  • Tom makes alternate exercise plans in case weather interferes with his exercise (he gets a member ship at the Y). Check
  • Tom cancels his happy hour hang out dates on Tuesday and Thursday with workmates. Alcohol and late hours are NOT congruent to his goal. Check
  • Tom buys new shoes. Check
  • Tom goes to the store for groceries. He only buys things that are congruent with his goal. Check
  • Tom takes all of his junk food snacks from home to work and shares them with his coworkers. Having junk food around the house is NOT congruent to his goal.
  • Tom buys a pair of pants he wants to fit into. Motivation is congruent with his goal.
  • Tom measures how much water he drinks a day. Congruent.

Now, Tom is ready to start his goal! He could probably skip a couple of these steps and still succeed, and he could certainly add in more steps to make sure he really knocked this goal out of the park. But this illustrates how attention to the details really can make a difference.

If you set a goal and you want to succeed, take the time to analyze the things that might interfere and have a plan in place to deal with those things. To NOT do that is to welcome interference and to ultimately sabotage your goal. Give it 100%!

I go over this in depth in the Unbound & Limitless program which goes on sale August 29th.

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