Goal setting and planning is what most say they do. But do they really do it in a way that compels them to get results?

My name is Jim Hageman and I want to share with you an uncomplicated goal setting and planning approach that works. It will help you realize whatsoever you truly want to accomplish in your life.

Goal Setting And Planning - A Simple Approach

Your Personal Vision

This is your starting point for a sound, viable life plan. Take some time to consider everything that you believe in and what you desire your life to be about. Think about what effect you want your life to have on your family, your friends, your country, and the world you live in.

Note your thoughts on paper or use your computer. List anything that has meaning to you. Now write it down or type it in a paragraph or more. Invest your time and get it crystal clear.

Your Strengths

Write down all of Your Strengths. After that, list any weak areas.

Now this is critical - destroy the list of weaknesses and focus completely on Your Strengths.

Once you have Your Personal Vision and Your Strengths clearly defined it becomes easy to...

Identify Your Goals And Desired Outcomes

Reread Your Vision and Your Strengths a few times and then let yourself dream a bit. Think about what you want your life to be like if you had an unlimited supply of resources, time, and money.

List anything you want to achieve, have, and do. List the places you'd like to visit, people you would like to meet, things you want to learn, and experiences you would like to have.

Now, pick out one goal that you believe you can attain quickly and easily. Write it out in detail. This will help you realize the power of this easy to use strategy.

Your Why

Once you know what you want to accomplish, define Your Why. Think about what it would mean to you once you achieve this specific result. Envision yourself having accomplished it. Now, right below the goal, record all that attaining this will mean to you. This is your motivation for taking action.

Your Massive Plan Of Action

Okay, you have what you desire clearly defined and you know why you desire it. Now ask yourself, "What are the actions that I need to take to accomplish this outcome?" Write them out.

Goal setting and planning helps you see exactly what you need to do. The key to attaining results is taking action. Look over everything you have written down and decide what you can do now. Taking consistent action is the slight edge that causes desired results. When you start to take action momentum comes into play. You will reach your goal and enjoy Your Why.

Put this simple goal setting and planning strategy to work for every goal you have on your list. Set aside a time each week to use this strategy and take action every day.

In no time at all, you will be amazed at how much your life is improving.

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