Go Shopping in YOUR Closet

How often do you stand in front of your closet thinking you have nothing to wear? Instead of heading to the mall, take a second look at your closet. I bet if you look way in the back you will find items you have not worn for awhile. It will feel like a new outfit.

Another idea is to mix up your items. If you usually wear the same pieces together, try matching an item with another item you have. If you usually wear a shirt with the same pair of pants or skirt, see if you have pants or skirt in a different color that will go with it. Also, by changing the color of a shirt that you use in layering. Or to change the jewelry you wear.

If you feel you have to go shopping, look for items that will go with the clothes already in your closet. Instead of buying a whole new outfit, you could buy a few items that will go with what you already have and have a number of new outfits for what one outfit would have cost.

Now is also a great time to look for deals. With the end of the summer season a lot of stores have big sales on those items. You may not think of buying summer clothes now, but some shirts can be worn under your long sleeve blouses and sweaters for a new look. Or you can stock up on items now for next summer. And to stock up on items if you are planning on a warm weather vacation this winter, instead of paying regular prices in the winter (if you are able to find summer clothes in the winter).

Since you are going through your closet, if you have not worn an item for awhile (maybe a year or so) then there is a pretty good chance you may not wear it again. Why not donate those items to charities that may be looking for gently used items. One charity in our area is Dress for Success. They offer clothing to women that are returning to the workforce and cannot afford clothes for interviews and jobs.

One hint I have heard of to see how often you wear your clothes is to put all of your hangers on the rod backwards. Once you wear something put the hanger on the right way. After six months to a year see which hangers are still backwards. A way to organize your clothes to make it easier to see what items go together is to organize your clothing items by color. Organize your shirts by color and then your pants and skirts.

Another way to get new clothes without spending money is to have a clothing swap. Invite some of your friends over and have them bring clothes and accessories that they don’t want anymore and you can swap items. They may be tired of the items but they will be “new” to you.

So you don't always have to head to the mall to get a "new" look.

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Nancy Kvamme is owner of In the Black Money Coaching. website in-theblack.net