Philosophers have shown their concern on the habitual actions of mankind that he acts upon the things even though he knows harmful to himself. I pre-suppose that more than 80% of the common populace practice on what is believed in their eyes to be harmful to their mind and body.

Isn’t true; that the common; universal; human ethical behavioral truths are the tools to attain peace of mind and body? Every ethical way and good conducts put good effects on our mind and body? To our surprise; we knowingly ignore them, and face disturbance.

Punctuality is one of the biggest ethics of the moral exposure of the mankind. It is not only a matter of other’s concern, rather than a matter of self-concern. It not only pays others rather than it pays to the person himself. It gathers a lot of peace and tranquility, but we are unaware of it; because we usually ignore them. Have we ever experienced the joy and peace of being earlier in time? Have we ever gone ahead of our schedule? If not; then we miss a great chance of self-tranquility. Running ahead of the schedule; is one the biggest source of success as well as a great way to bring happiness in our life. If you are wise in time or running ahead of your schedule; you are going to win the favor of ‘time’.

You are unwise in time or behind the schedule; the time becomes unfavorable for you. Tensions arise from lateness and irregularities. If you are punctual you will gain more trust on your ownself, if not; you will probably lose your own conviction. Why lateness is not favorable to tranquility because it destroys the time frame of a work or a phenomenon. When a meeting, an occurring or any kind of happening is decided to happen in a time in advance; it never remains as personal; but more willingly than a matter of ‘time’. When something is regarded by the time it becomes more important for everybody related to it. Your proposed schedule or meeting or any kind of work; if it is decided earlier certainly becomes the most important work for you in those particular moments.

Your body and mind is ready to attain the situation. The time factor plays an important role in this settlement. When it happens dissimilar to you; your mind and body is filled up with worry and it reason disturbance and later bring unhappiness. William Shakespeare the British Poet and Dramatist [1564-1616] minds lateness as a big pain which effects multiple situations. He asks bitterly:
“Better three hours too soon than a minute too late”.
In the above statement; William Shakespeare has shown his extreme annoyance for the people who are not wise in time. If you are more punctual you will gain more trust on yourself, if not; you are going to lose your own conviction.

Each and every action has a suitable time frame; if you will lose it; the time will run out. You will lose the time frame which is conducive to a work and consequently you have to drop your goal. All great men have an extreme conscience of time with them. They are more worried about their time consciousnesses. Punctuality is a kind of favor and respect to everybody. One who is punctual in time is proved to have a profound reverence for all.

The human mind is of the nature that if it decides something it wants them to happen in their schedule time frame. If not; it starts alarming that we are going wrong. When the mind alarms you against any of your wrong action you will feel uneasiness, bored, discomfort, upset, fed up and disturbed. Hence; we sense that lateness harms our mind and body as well as it hurts our self-images badly. If you are late at a particular point; you will face the same situation at different points and a chain reaction to your lateness will put you unnecessarily into trouble.

Hence; try not to be merely punctual, but try to go ahead of your schedule. They say:
“To be on time is to be late and to be early is to be on time”
If you will go ahead of your schedule as a reward you will be tranquiller and arranged. You can naturally get more control over the situation. You will be in an offensive position. That is why most of the Management Guru’s and Psychologists suggest everybody to come half an hour earlier to their job sites. Dr. Abdul Karim Naik, a renowned Psychiatrist, who has worked as the President of The Psychiatry Society of India several times and working as a Psychiatrist in Mumbai Mental Hospital, always use to ask his trainees to reach earlier at the job sites.

In this article I intend to suggest all of you to come forward to fight with lateness and beat the time. You can beat the time only when you go earlier or ahead of it. Try to keep some marginal hours in your hand to cover up the time failures. Restart; or rearrange yourself if you are hurt. Try always to go few years / months / weeks / days / hours or minutes ahead of the time. The time will be beaten and you will be the winner. If you want to be tension free and cheerful all the time you have to beat the time through running ahead of it.

I you are a student and your classes start at 7:00; you should be there at 6:30. If you are a Principal or Headmaster you must come one hour earlier to the schedule time. If you are a Bank Manager or a Manager of any type you must come to office at least half an hour ahead of the time table. If you are an office boy, a peon, a clerk, an accountant, a receptionist, a shift worker or a laborer you must come at least ten to fifteen minutes earlier to your time.

If you are a businessman and you have your own schedule always try to go ahead of it. The success and tranquility will fall before you and the earth will be yours.