Safari packages to Africa are special way to unwind. In Africa guests get to witness the infinite fascinating, hilarious, amazing or thrilling events that naturally unfold in nature. Being amongst wildlife is very soothing. Guests literally forget their problems here, or at least, their problems shrink and heavy burdens are lifted from the visitors shoulder. Africa satisfies a primitive longing to “return home”. This article shall briefly describe a great safari camp in Zimbabwe, Africa. This safari camp is called “the Hide”.

The Hide Safari Camp is the product of passion for nature in general, and Hwange National Park in particular. The Hide Safari Camp has earned its reputation as a consummate safari destination, for both the exceptional wildlife experience and the hospitality it offers.

Guest’s at The Hide stay in one of just ten beautiful tented suites with views over the waterhole, where animals congregate day and night. Between game drives and walks in the National Park, there is plenty of time to relax in a comfortable lounge or sit quietly in a hide to watch the wildlife. After meals guests usually come together around a giant table or al fresco under the Acacia trees where the entertainment is waiting. You can spend a lazy afternoon by the plunge pool or in the shade of your veranda.

The Hide Safari Camp has distilled the essence of the safari experience and embellished it with their own distinctive style. The Hwange region was once the royal hunting ground of African Kings from Zulu lands and has long been known for its abundant and diverse wildlife. In particular, the park is known for herds of elephant and buffalo numbering in the thousands. This is one of the best places to see lions, leopards and African wild dogs amongst the hundreds or so other mammal and four hundred bird species.

At the Hide they understand that you come to Africa first and foremost to encounter the continents' natural beauty. They are passionate about nature; they have built on a superb location and have extensive knowledge of the park with the best expert guides so that you can experience the true wilderness and wildlife that Hwange has to offer. Whether on a drive to one of Hwange’s game-rich pans, on foot within The Hides private concession or sleeping out in the Dove’s Nest, there is never a dull moment. In fact, the waterhole just metres from The Hide attract such a variety of wildlife that you may not need to roam far from your veranda to be a part of the action.

In conclusion, a visit here is therapeutic. Guests leave with a new appreciation for nature and their own place within nature. They rediscover how big and beautiful this planet is, and how small their big problems are.

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