I know what you’re all thinking. “What did she say? Is she serious?” As a matter of fact, I am very serious. Spring has sprung, and in this season of rebirth and regeneration, why not take advantage of what Nature has to offer?

We all know that being out in Nature has a calming effect. Nature is abundant with Universal Life Force Energy. It is this very energy from which we are all made. When we feel stressed, lethargic or just out of sorts, drawing in more of this Life Force Energy has a balancing and healing effect.

Trees provide so much more than just comforting shade and vital oxygen. They can help us renew our very spirit. Trees can absorb a tremendous amount of energy and have the ability to absorb negative energy that is deep within you. By making physical contact with a tree, you are enabling yourself to relax, alleviate stress, sleep more deeply and hold onto more positive energy. It is a profoundly grounding and healing experience.

So, how do you go about connecting with a tree? Find a tree that seems to beckon to you. Place your hand on the trunk and close your eyes. Allow yourself to feel its Life Force Energy. You may sense this energy as a vibration or a feeling of warmth. Take several deep, cleansing breaths and allow the energy to begin to envelope you. When you feel moved to do so, just wrap your arms around its trunk. You can even put your face to the bark. Stay in the position for as long as you feel guided.

I know some of you are saying to yourself “I’d look ridiculous hugging a tree”. Well, if the thought of an actual hug does not appeal to you, you can just as easily connect with a tree by sitting with your spine up against the trunk and the effect is the same. Be sure to thank the tree for allowing you to share in its energy.

Now, this may sound silly to some of you and that’s alright. I’ve shared some of the many benefits hugging a tree can provide, but don’t take my word for it. Try it for yourself. Your own experience is the world’s best convincer!

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