What are you headed towards? The divorce courts or your golden wedding anniversary?

B: Bonds of love need to be reinforced to keep the bonds strong, stronger and the strongest.
L: Loving, long marriages are revered by society when we celebrate silver, golden and diamond wedding anniversaries. Loving, long marriages are the best love stories.
E: Exemplary love is the good example loving, long marriages give to society.
S: Showing love, respect, care and attention are some of the best ways to fertilize a relationship.
S: Seek the greatest treasure in a relationship: love and loving, care and caring, devoting and devotion, cherishing, valuing.

Y: You and I make two lovebirds.
O: Over 50 years of loving each other is a good goal to have, don’t you agree?
U: Us – it is about us (You and I) and together we must make it the best Us.

A relationship between two people can produce a treasure trove of inspirational blessings: about giving, loving, caring, devotion, loyalty, commitment, faithfulness and togetherness.

Statistics reveal that the longest marriages have lasted over 80 years (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_people_with_the_longest_marriages)

Believe it or not one marriage lasted for over 90 years, but to get to 50 years is quite an achievement too. These days in the West, statistics show nearly half of modern marriages end in divorce. Even if you don’t believe the statistics – look around and you will have met divorced people – in your family, in the neighborhood you live, in your work place and even in national politics. Think Ronald Reagan and Imran Khan!

Getting our priorities right is one of the biggest challenges in marriage. Imran Khan may have not made enough time for his wife. So many situations can have a detrimental impact on our relationships – and we need to learn to juggle, balance and deal with all of them. Money, work, lifestyle, relatives, retirement – are some of the regular challenges we face. At these times dig deeper to find the pot of gold, the real treasures.

Married couples have to be determined to make love a priority – to keep love alive. Think of love like a living plant that needs to be watered, nurtured and fertilized. See it as a growing, expanding process. In this way the love will grow strong and rich. If we expect to create a lasting love, then we need to be determined to keep love as the priority.

1. LEARN AND GROW TOGETHER: Communication is a key factor in a relationship – you need to find ways to talk lovingly. Even if you are tired, find a place where you both can relax together and talk about your day, your feelings. We never know everything about a person so treat this as a time for greater learning about each other and to grow together.

2. NO BLAME GAMES – treat everything as a way to learn more about the other.

3. It takes two to tango: Think about how you can honour each other’s lives.

4. Whatever is coming between the two of you and your love – seek guidance from each other.

5. Think of ways you can support each other more - mutually.

Go for Gold - every day a golden day, making for a loving, long lasting marriage. A successful marriage is a great achievement.

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