Environmental color and plaster are composed of 100% natural ingredients. If you choose to do natural color and plaster in your house, you can improve the well-being of your family members. Breathplasta and clay plaster can regulate moisturizer and hence, the insulation process of your home can be improved.

Similarly, natural and organic paintings can also minimize the occurrence of health risk. There are plenty of reasons for doing organic and natural color and plaster.

Beautiful and natural: 

The clay plaster is composed of natural sand, fibre and clay. The materials are not at all chemically pigmented. The eco-friendly plaster is not only capable of upgrading your well-being, but also it decorates your home in a creative manner. If you want, you can create a geometric pattern look to design your wall.

Regulation of temperature and humidity: 

Do you need to turn on your air conditioner through the whole day? Calm down. You can change your habit by doing natural and clay plaster by local plastering company in Ipswich. This eco-friendly plaster is very good at regulating the temperature of outside. Moreover, it helps to keep warm your house during winter.

Low VOC content: 

Similar to the clay plaster, the environmental friendly, natural painting consists of a low level of volatile organic chemical (VOC). Therefore, low VOC content painting can protect our health from being damaged from the chemical interior color. VOC prone color can reduce the percentage of the occurrence of harmful diseases like lung cancer and pulmonary disease.

If you are thinking about the cost of such interior paintings and plaster, you can contact interior painting services in Springfield. Eco friendly plaster and painting is also cost-efficient. The longevity of the interior color is high compared to the conventional paints.

Absorb odour and toxin: 

Since the chemical is not using as the base component of natural plaster and painting, therefore, any bad or harmful odour cannot be released from the wall. Moreover, the clay plaster can absorb the toxin of your room.

For instance, the natural plaster absorbs the toxin odour such as bad smell from the bathroom or the smell of composite wood from your living room.

Low cost of maintenance: 

The natural plaster and color are flexible more than the traditional plaster as it contains a high percentage of fibre. Therefore, it reduces the risk of cracks in your houses. Hence, eco-friendly plaster is much easier to maintain and repair the damage.


If you are planning for redesigning of your house, the previous decoration can be recycled and reused. Therefore, clay plaster allows you to minimize your cost of renovation by reusing the materials again in the future.

Final Words

Entirely using natural products as the component of clay plaster and organic interior color can give you a healthier life to live. However, if you are sceptic about the renovation and maintenance cost apart from the longevity of your house, you can freely reach to the experts of local plastering company in Ipswich and interior painting services in Springfield for taking advice.

Author's Bio: 

The author has been enlightened the importance of eco friendly plaster for dealing with the health issues of your family members.