The pharmaceutical industry discovers, develops, produces, and markets medicines for use as medications to treat patients to cure them, heal them, vaccinate them, or alleviate a symptom. The contribution of the pharmaceutical industry is extremely essential to the people in the world so as to improve the life expectancy and overall health of the people.

CIOLook recognizes the leaders contributing in the Pharmaceutical industry. One such proficient leader contributing to the pharmaceutical industry is Augusto Mitidieri. He is the Corporate CEO of Sintetica. He has been awarded Best Manager of the Year for high achievements and professionalism in the company management. He is awarded by The Socrates Committee of Oxford; this award recognizes exceptional human-centric leadership and the global success of Sintetica. This award was presented at the Socrates Award Ceremony of the Achievements Forum 2019, Institute of Directors, London. Below is his story:

Augusto Mitidieri, is Italian and Swiss citizen, graduated in Management Engineering from Politecnico di Milano, he has also obtained a CAS (Certicate of Advanced Studies) in Economics and Health Policy at the University of Lausanne. His work in the pharmaceutical industry began as Project Manager for the Engineering Division of Bioren SA, (Bigmar Group) in Couvet (NE); he went on to become Production & Logistics Manager of Bigmar Pharmaceuticals SA in Barbengo (TI). In 2000 Augusto joined Sintetica SA, Mendrisio (TI), as Production & Engineering Manager. In Sintetica, he also worked as Quality Assurance Manager, before becoming General Manager of the Company in 2004. Since 2011, Augusto has held the position of Corporate CEO of the Sintetica Group. Under his guidance, Sintetica SA, the oldest pharmaceutical company in Ticino, has undergone a period of extraordinary growth and entered international markets with its high-quality products in the sector of local anaesthesia and pain therapy.

Able to implement a real strategic vision which places the individual at the very centre of corporate decisions, Augusto Mitidieri, together with the whole of Sintetica SA, has earned important international awards and recognition. Participating in the international research project called Ideals of the Politecnico di Milano for creative leadership, innovation and design as leadership, Augusto Mitidieri is one of the pharmaceutical industry’s leading CEOs. Sintetica SA, a Swiss pharmaceutical company founded in 1921, hospital market leader for analgesics and local anesthetics, with offices located in Germany, Italy, England and two national production and development sites in Mendrisio and Couvet, with 300 employees.

Human-Centered Organization

The “human-centered” organization model, based on a deep cultural change, already underway in Sintetica, requires an innovative managerial philosophy, which places responsibility and merit on center, changing organizational models and behaviors at all levels. The company environment, dynamic and highly innovative in terms of ideas, projects, products and operational/management solutions, is not in line with idea of managing people according to definition and activities’ control. On the contrary, the company environment gets along much better with an approach based on increasing people’s sense of responsibility with regard to clear objectives, by exercising greater delegation and autonomy in the management of their duties. Augusto is of the opinion that Managers, therefore, shall move from a role of command and control to a more coaching one, in order to manage people, enhance talents, through delegation and accountability for results, and to reward their merit. He is of the opinion that managers should act as a driving force to transmit the organization’s values.

Augusto emphasizes human centric leadership. He believes in having strong corporate values and ethical behavior. He considers it is important that leader should be passionate to perform his role diligently. He strongly believes in involvement of all individuals in the organizations. He considers confidence and autonomy as important qualities of leader. He prioritizes respect in the organization in terms of corporate and individual priorities. He values authenticity. He believes in constructive feedback for the improvement of the employees. Augusto is calculative and believes in culture based on results. He values skills and knowledge in employees and he focuses on enhancing them. The last essential element he considers in the organization is smiling. He says, “A characteristic of our DNA is the research for quality without compromises, which is measured, first of all, by enjoying togetherness. A true smile is contagious and is the identity of Sintetica and its concept of “great place to work”.”

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