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There is still no cure to the global warming problems that plague our environment these days. All over the world, drastic changes to the climate and to the environment are being observed. These dire effects show just how urgent this problem is, and the government and environmentalists are not stopping in their attempts to get people to help save our planet.

Unfortunately, bad habits are indeed hard to break, especially habits that have plagued humanity for ages. People’s way of life has been formed over the centuries until we have reached this highly advanced point in life and technology. The development has led us to rely heavily on the use of fuel and other depleting resources as well as of materials that release carbon dioxide into the air. This is why it is so difficult to get people to stop using materials that cause the ozone layer depletion even though they know for a fact how it affects the environment. This is also why the climate is continually changing and the environment is spiralling out of control.

In recent years, there has been much talk about the use of subliminal messages in advertising. This gives us an idea of what could possibly help solve the global warming problems of today. Why not use subliminal messages to more effectively send the message across?

1. Spread awareness and involvement regarding global warming. The government has many programs aimed towards awareness and involvement in preventing the effects of global warming from further wreaking havoc on the environment. Unfortunately, forming these programs is a different thing from convincing people to join and be involved. Only a small percentage of people get persuaded and understand the urgency of the situation.

Sending subliminal messages is the best way of changing common perception and habits especially when the subject involved is a whole group of people. It will take quite an effort to change the mind of every individual. Since you want all individuals to have better awareness and involvement in the fight against global warming, then delivery through subliminal messages is an effective method.

2. Instill better habits in people. Subliminal messages is also an effective solution for the global warming problems because these messages are so powerful that they can change people’s habits, behaviour, preferences, and decisions, even without those people’s knowledge. So even if people have a natural resistance to change and even refuse to let go of the comforts and convenience brought by materials that contribute to the global warming problem, the subliminal messages can bypass these resistance and refusals so new and better habits are formed. This is also why subliminal messages offer the easiest way of altering people’s thoughts.

3. Subliminal persuasion. All those talk of reducing carbon emissions, reducing greenhouse gases, stabilizing GHG concentrations, and so on are feasible solutions for solving the global warming problem. However, this is easier said than done. Even until now, some countries have not signed the agreement proposed by the United Nations. This is because nations aren’t united at all. Each nation thinks of its own welfare and benefit. Some nations know that with the agreement comes the failure of some of their most important economic activities, so they are not likely to sign the agreement.

In such cases, only subliminal persuasion, which can persuade them despite underlying resistance, can do the trick.

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