(Oracle 8i) is considered to be vital for DBAs and developers.
What are Global Temporary Tables:
Data in this table is stored as long as the session or transaction gets over and is private for each session. eventually, after disconnection, the data is lost but the definition of the table remains. Performing ddl operations is not necessary, however.
The synonyms, or views and other structures related to the temporary table don’t disappear after transaction or session. Indexes will be created likewise. The features of Temporary tables have triggers and all the statistics related to table access cost, information of rows and blocks, join cardinality, etc. Foreign keys cannot be integrated into temporary tables.
Examples of usage involves replicated data manipulation from remote tables, it is also useful in temporarily storing a set of rows to be processed against other tables.
There is no denying that Oracle database has evolved over the years. Some redundant features have paved way for ingenious additions to which Oracle Global Temporary Tables (GTT) is one of the latest.
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