Glass mosaic tiles are definitely a popular choice for countertops, backsplashes and walls, however, not many people are into using them for flooring. Glass mosaic tiles are often neglected altogether for flooring purpose for a single ambiguity of fragility. However, provided the right selection of mosaics and proper installation, glass mosaic tiles can definitely add imbue a sense of exquisite luxury.

Here we will be looking at some pros and cons of using glass mosaic tiles as the flooring material. So, continue to read on if you are into a home décor project soon.


Virtually limitless options

The best part about glass mosaic tiles is their availability in all shapes, sizes, colors, textures and any other feature you can think of. Unlike some other varieties of tiles like marble or granite tiles, you don’t have to rely on few available options, rather you can spread your imaginations to full limits. You can even create the most majestic mosaic by using other varieties of tiles within the glass mosaic.


Mosaics made out of glass tiles surely standout among the lot for their elegance and intricacy. A proper installation for flooring purpose will bring out the aesthetic beauty of these tiles more clearly. These tiles also place you at liberty to choose from various colors and themes to create the most magnificent and intricate patterned mosaics. You can literally create any picture, design, or theme simply by combining a variety of glass mosaic pieces.

Easy to clean:

Dirt and dust showoff quite visibly on glass tiles, thereby you can easily wipe away any stains, or molds off them. These tiles are made to withstand any chemical damage, so you can use the variety of cleaning agent to clean them. Furthermore, the low porosity of glass mosaic tiles makes them a well-suited choice to be installed on any flooring.


This is one particular aspect that I personally love about glass mosaic tiles. These tiles are environmentally friendly in comparison with other varieties of tiles. These tiles take up merely half of the energy required for manufacturing of other varieties, thereby a clean option to choose. In fact, there are recycled glass tiles available in the market which you can easily collect from any local or online store.


Apart from certain dark shades, all glass tiles are a stunning reflector of light. The high reflectivity of these tiles make them standout feature in your home décor, glowing with a radiance; a trait you won’t find in any other variety of tile.


The ASTM standards determine the strength of glass mosaic tiles is used as flooring material. Any glass tile that has passed ASTM standard test is safe to use for all flooring purpose. These mosaics are made hard enough to withstand cracking; however glass tiles will scratch.

Disadvantages of Mosaic Glass Flooring


The single biggest drawback for glass tiles is its cost. A simple patterned or colored tile can be bargained at about under $10 per square foot, however, for intriguing patterns and less often colors the price can rise anywhere from $30 to $50 per square foot.

Difficult Installation:

Another big drawback for glass mosaic tiles is the difficulty faced in its installation. These tiles aren’t made to be installed through any DIY project and you need professionals with real experience for adequate installation, which further increases their cost to the total with an already costly price, to begin with.

Wrapping Up:

Well, apart from high cost there isn’t anything that stops you to install these exquisite mosaic tiles over your home flooring. Glass tiles with their luminous radiance, and the glow will certainly add niche elegance and intriguing beauty to your overall home décor.

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