Your home is your fortress, they say. It’s more than a place - it’s your personal space, your comfort zone, and your everything. Of course, when we try to create a home from our dreams, we inevitably make it based on our personality, tastes, and inner vision of comfort.

Every little detail in furnishing our house matters. Together they all should look good, create a mood you want to see and that feeling of “home, sweet home”. The interior doors play an important role in creating the style of your home. It’s more than a functional part of your place - it can visually increase or reduce the space, be a decorative part and divide it into zones.

Speaking about glass, this element always give your space a bit of a fancy look. May it be clear, dimmed or stained glass, it’s always a very outstanding element in your place. If you're thinking about inside glass doors, read the information below to understand whether it’s an option for you.
Why Get Glass Doors for Your House
First, glass is an eco-friendly material. It’s a natural recyclable material, its production doesn’t harm the environment, it won’t cause allergies and is very easy to take care of. Just wash it regularly - that’s all you need to do to make them look brand new.

Although glass has a reputation of being a fragile material, the glass used for furnishing homes is very resistible. Modern technologies allow making the glass even resistible to bullets. Besides, there is always an option to strengthen it with a special additional film if you want some extra strength.

Glass is the material that may fulfill all your pickiest creative fantasies and needs. You can choose what kind of glass you want according to the function of each door, the style of your home or whatever you think is important. There are also decorative films for glass with patterns - you’re free to choose.

Glass doors are especially flattering for a small place. They create an effect of spaciousness and will visually make your place look bigger. Or they may not if you don’t need that - everything depends on the design.
The Other Side of the Coin
Nothing in this world is perfect, even glass doors. Let’s observe their main disadvantages and help you make up your mind whether they scare you enough to consider other options for interior doors.

Well, your glass doors will look good only if you wash them often. The thing about materials such as glass is that even a small stain on their surface shouts “Everybody! Look at me! I’m here!” Any dirt is very visible and attracts attention, so you will have to always keep them clean to look tidy.

Be careful with transparent glass if you have small children or pets. It’s better to choose dim or stained glass instead because your little family members can damage themselves if they don’t notice there’s glass in their way.

Glass doors have poor noise isolation properties. If you have a big noisy family, you won’t be able to hide behind the glass doors from them. You won’t be visible behind them if they are made of glass that is stained, dim or covered with a film, but you will still hear every sound.

As you see, the disadvantages are few and they are quite compromisable. However, to glass or not to glass, is only up to you.

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