Do you feel like you need a break from the hustle and bustle of life in the city but can’t deal with the stress of packing and unpacking a tent for camping? Don’t worry; you can go glamping instead, and with many beautiful natural environments, Croatia is a great place for glamping.
You may be wondering what glamping is. Well, the term is gotten from ‘glamour’ and ‘camping’ — think of it as a sort of glamorous camping or luxury camping. It is where comfort and luxury meet the serenity and simplicity of nature. You’ll get to enjoy the peace and seclusion you crave and see the beauties of nature without sacrificing the comfort of good accommodation.

Why go for a glamping trip

Glamping offers a unique traveling experience you can’t get from any other. It is like a home away from home — in the trees with beautiful surroundings. Here are the reasons to make a glamping trip:

Ready-made tents

The amazing thing about glamping is that it removes the need to pack, mount, and unpack a tent. So if you like the idea of camping but don’t like the stress of making a tent, glamping got you covered.
Apart from the issue of making a tent, glamping provides comfortable accommodations. You don’t get to sleep on the floor, ease yourself in a bush, or make a fire. You have nice beds, kitchen space, and toilet facilities.

Beauty of nature

You’ll get to experience nature in a way you’ve never done before. Glamping gives you the opportunity to see the beauties of nature — trees, birds, animals, etc.
It lets you break away from the noise and hustle in the city so you can relax and replenish your energy. The seclusion and peace you get from glamping are priceless. You’ll get to breathe unpolluted air, think clearly, examine your life, and plan for the future.

Endless adventures

Glamping offers you the opportunity to go for fishing, animal watching, canoeing, hiking, and mountain climbing or biking. Many glamping sites are located close to national parks, mountain terrains, and other wonderful sites.
You get to do all these and still enjoy the comfort of good accommodation.

Eco-friendly camps

Because the camps are built in secluded places, they are often made from eco-friendly materials. For example, the power supply is from solar while the toilet management is by composting.
In addition, the gardens and other things in the camps are all from nature. The tents are made from woods and recycled materials.

Why Croatia is the right destination for glamping

With many wonderful national parks, the scenery and nature in Croatia are better experienced than imagined. And glamping offers you the opportunity to have that magical experience.
There are so many beautiful places for glamping in Croatia, such as:

  • Glamping Sibenik
  • Camp Simuni, Pag
  • Camp Zagreb
  • Glamping Zaton, Zadar
  • Lanterna Porec
  • Mon Perin, Bale
  • Glamping Cikat Losinj, Mali Losinj
  • Bi Village, Fazana

So, when next you think of making a travel trip, think of glamping in Croatia. You don’t just have the desired seclusion and peace but also get to appreciate the wonders of nature.

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