I love to give, I love to help, I love to make things better for other people. It’s just what makes me happy, what turns me on. I know a lot of other people like that too, I am happy to say.

I have found, and my friends agree, that if I am having a day that feels weird or mucky, like I got up and put my head on inside out or something, that the act of giving to someone – especially someone I don’t know or for no reason at all – really can turn everything around for me. It helps me feel clear and happy and like I am moving ahead, and it’s an instant high, even if the people don’t say thank you or acknowledge it. I love it! It can be a small thing, like holding a door open for a group of ten walking in a building, or something bigger like spending the night with an upset friend who is lost in grief.

Sometimes it can be confusing, though, to figure out when to stop giving. There is a point for us when we start feeling a little resentful, a little grumpy or impatient when giving. Those are clues: red flags, warnings. When you hit that point, make sure to take some time to keep giving but make YOU the focus. How can you give to you? Spend time on you doing what you truly love, make sure you are getting paid what you are worth for the parts of your day you do earn money for … and check in with yourself about where you are giving from.

We live in an orderly universe, with clear rules governing us. A few of those rules are that there is nothing but change in our world, constant change, meaning that everything is always moving into or out of form. Everything is made of energy, all the same matter just happening at different vibrations at different levels. And like energy attracts like energy. What does all of this mean to you? As you sit there and give, you are creating an energy. Where is your heart, how do you feel? Is it filled with the sensation of happiness and peace? Do you feel scared, determined, desperate, or righteous? Or do you have the sense that someone owes you now? Now understand there is no judgment either way, but just notice what energy you are giving from. How is that is workin’ for you? If you don’t like the results that are showing up in your life, then stop right away, and try it differently.

Remember that when you give, you will receive, but it may not – and likely will not – come back to you from the same person or place you gave to. So lovingly watch your feelings when you give, keep it peaceful and light, and then see how many fun ways that comes back to you.

Keep laughing!

Much love,

Author's Bio: 

Laura is a healer, intuitive, and author of "Getting Lucky 27 Quick Tips for College Students - Achieve Your Vision Through Strong Intuition" She provides personal readings as well as coaching and speaking services about using intuition in everyday life. Contact her at Love@LaughingDivas.com with any questions.