One of the simplest ways to get yourself into or maintain a healthy weight and body is to increase your body's natural capacity of burning fats. This means your body's metabolic rate! After the age of 20, your basal metabolic rate falls approximately 2 per cent every decade. When you pass the age of 40, the rate decreases even faster by about 5 per cent per decade. This is one of the biggest reasons why people find that they gain weight much easier when they get older. This is especially the case with women. This is because women generally have less lean muscle mass compared to men of a similar build. Thankfully, even if your gender or time is seemingly working against you, it is still possible to keep your metabolism as high as possible.

You should always take your breakfast. Your body will enter a fasting mode when you are sleeping at night. When you take a breakfast high in protein content, then your body's metabolic rate will be kick-started.

Next of all, you should also increase your consumption of foods which are high in vitamin B. These includes food such as spinach, melon, asparagus and fish.

Also, you should take your meals more often and a higher frequency such as eating once every 3 hours. When you go too long without taking a meal, your body will enter starvation mode and your metabolic rate will slow down drastically as a natural protection mechanism of your body. Since most people are sedentary at night, you should not eat as much food unless you exercise at that timing.

Engaging in strength training for at least three days a week will help you increase your metabolism. In fact, it helps you even more than light to moderate cardiovascular activities. The reason is because strength training will also help to increase the amount of lean muscle mass you have, and these muscles will help you burn calories and fats even if you are at rest.

Adding high intensity interval training to your exercise routine would be a wise choice as well. You can alternate sprinting with slower jogging. Research has shown that interval training is much more capable of helping your heart and muscles to utilize oxygen efficiently versus typical and boring cardiovascular exercises.

Next, you should definitely look into reducing or even completely eliminating your alcohol intake. When you drink excessive amounts of alcohol, a lot of visceral fats will be stored around your belly region. The worst part about this is not that it makes you look fat, but it can cause real danger to your health.

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