So it's Christmas--it's the season of joy and gift-giving, yet some of you may worry what's the best gift we can give to our loved ones this holiday season. Especially for the totally clueless, or who are trying to save money to give gifts, then how about doing something nice for other people? Hey, it's effortless, not to mention inexpensive. Plus, they may think that you're thoughtful, considerate and sweet--even just for this Christmas.

On my last post, I talked about how you can be nice to yourself as a present for yourself. This time around, how about doing something nice for others? Yes, the other people which adds color to your life.

Well, why don't you try--

1) Giving a Thank You card, just because...a) their presence is already a gift itself b) for their friendship c) for being simply themselves? d) or anything you want to thank for.

Yes, I know it's kinda outdated, especially in these fast times of SMS, e-mails, Voice mail, chats and all things "instant", isn't it pleasantly surprising to receive something as rare as a handwritten card? Handing something nice like a Thank You card can make someone happy.

And don't forget that even your mere handwriting is a rarity these days. Never mind if your penmanship looks like Egyptian hieroglyphics. Your loved ones may miss seeing them--a true effort on your part.

2) Connect with someone you haven't talked to for quite some time. These days, it's never that difficult to get in touch with someone especially with the advancement of technology (as mentioned above). You can search the name on Facebook, send an e-mail, or you can always do the old-fashioned way--give them a call. Your voice will always be priceless.

3) Give some flowers; surprise them with floral gifts. Never underestimate the soft power of colors and flowers. Never mind if you're a man or a woman, giving flowers is no longer exclusive to a man trying to pursue a woman he adores. Flowers instantly lights a person's face with a smile. So if you want to make someone smile, send some flowers. Who can resist something nice like roses?

4) Practice basic courtesy such as holding the door open for someone, turning cellphones in silent mode, saying "please" and "thank you". Even some of these basic of courtesies can go a long way, they're the most effortless, and yet they're the most taken for granted. Your manners say a lot about you, so even saying something nice is reflective of your personality.

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The author of this article, Amy Twain, is a Self Improvement Coach who has been successfully coaching and guiding clients for many years. Amy recently published a new home study course on how to boost your Self Esteem. Click here to get more info about her Quick-Action Plan for A More Confident You.