During these transitional moments it is important for each person to prepare him or her self to live in a shifting world. Many people will not be able to adjust. To adjust does not only mean changing one's actions or behavior; that is easy, but it doesn't really last.

You may notice that my website has changed quite a bit. I have decided to focus on Next Step Life Coaching as a method of helping your average person maximize their potentials in order to not only shape their own lives, but the world. Life is short. Times are troubling. A person needs to really be centered to live a joyful life in the world as it is today. I have even added a page outlining internet job opportunities and others.

Things we depended on previously don't seem to work anymore. We can't even depend on the seasons anymore. I am sitting in a coffee shop in December. The sun is shinning and people are walking around light jackets, sweaters, and tea-shirts. Yesterday I was riding around on my little motor scooter.

In response to these very big changes the adjustment needed to enhance our lives nowadays is an actual change in the way one thinks; the way one is. To prepare one to deal with all of the turmoil one must create an inward shift that helps one recognize all of the joy, the hope, the beauty, and the possibilities that surround one right now.

Many writers, philosophers, mystics and scientists have recognized that a human being who is aware and free of attachments is a bit more than human. When free, every individual is a work of art who can channel love, kindness, and their inherent creative abilities to perform tasks that have been unheard of, or to create objects or services that seem like miracles.

All of this, this ability to understand and create, is within the individual hidden under all of the fears, the frustrations, the rules, and the game plans that we have been bought into during our lives. Through Life Coaching one can tap into the hidden knowledge within and can begin to create a life that mirrors that beauty, wisdom, and the personality of the Self.

One can make one's job or one's career into more than a job, but one's Life-work. From one's job, after it becomes Life-work, one can begin to educate oneself, to grow mentally and spiritually, and to use one's creative abilities as one desires. One can use ones Life-work in order to work through the many underlying maladaptive thoughts and feelings to develop oneself fully and awaken the true Self. We are taking the next step in human evolution.

As you can see by reading the newspaper or looking at the Occupy Movements all over the world, a paradigm shift is taking place that depends more on honestly, self love, and partnership than being self motivated, aggressive, and competitive. If we want to be ahead of the curve and to become a creator of a better world--the Beloved Community, instead of a hindrance, it is entirely possible to do so.

All that is necessary, firstly, is to desire it. As the Mayan Order says: First comes desire and then setting one's intention, using one's will, and allowing one's creative imagination to take over and move you toward your goal of wholeness, self-love, justice, and creativity. Now is the time for all of us to take the next step in human evolution. It is time to take wing again, to break the golden chains and handcuffs, and to fly.

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Om Prakash (John Gilmore, D. Min.) Is a writer, a licensed massage therapist and energy work, a Certified Grief Counselor and a Professional Life Coach/Consultant. For more articles, books and resources like this please visit this website or Om Prakash's website at www.nextstepcoaching.4t.com. Please visit our Employment Oppts. Page while you are there.