When you speak to groups or run a teleclass, you want to share enough information to accomplish three goals:

1. Demonstrate your expertise
2. Provide insight about the topic
3. Offer some real value to listeners

Delivering on these three goals will help you connect with prospects and attract new clients. For some people, they may have a tendency to give away too much information for free. You may be the kind of person who cares about them and wants to take care of them. Or you might feel you have to give everything away for people to like you.

However, what I have learned over the years is that when you give too much away, especially for free, people don’t value the information. Which means they don’t put your methods to use. And as a result they don’t get the results and they stay stuck where they are!

In actuality, you are doing them a huge disservice by giving away too much for free. They will not appreciate the information. They will not use it and they will not hire you. None of these results are what they truly want or need.

What can you do instead?

The way you do it is you talk about what they want, why they don’t have it and why it’s so important for them to change their situation. Talk about and focus on the steps, which again is ”The What” and sprinkle a little bit of “The How”, but mainly in theory rather than specific details.

Hold back a little to avoid giving away too much.

So your script might bounce back and forth between the what and the why, what and why, and so on, explaining the problem, talking about why it’s so important to fix it, the “what” of how to fix it but not the “How to fix it” precisely. Leave that for when they hire you so they will truly value the information, system and methods you share with them. This is the only way to really help people get unstuck.

Your Client Attraction Assignment

Think about your get-acquainted call script. Do you give away too much? Do prospects tend to hire you or hang up without signing up? Revise anything that seems to be giving away too much information so that you can help them close the gap when they will most value this help.

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