Hanukkah is the name for the Judaic festival of lights. It is commemorated for eight days. It honors the reestablishment of the Second Temple of Jews situated in Jerusalem when Maccabean Revolt came about in the 2nd century BC. It initiates from the 25th day of the third civilian month of Jewish Calendar|Jewish calendar’s third month|the third month of the Jew year|Hebrew calendar’s third month} termed as Kislev. It takes place typically in the later halves of November or December. On the festival nights, people ignite candles in a specific method and in a special menorah. This candle-holder has nine arms and one candle is supposed to be lit on every night making it one more than the previous night. In this way on concluding day 8 candles are lit. And one surplus arm at a special place is made use of for light. Using Hanukkah candles for light is disallowed, and so this surplus candle is made use of.

Hanukkah is celebrated by giving gift items every night. Hanukkah gift baskets may consist of books and games too along with plenty of tasty kosher foods. To represent the power of oil, Jews relish fried foodstuffs on Hanukkah.

During Hanukkah, people can go to work however they come early during the evening to glow the candles at night. Young children play with dreidel, which refers to a top with four sides and with Hebrew letters on the surfaces symbolic of the marvel of Hanukkah.

The glowing of candles is performed in a unique way. Every night one additional candle is ignited starting from one on the very first night. One more excessive 9th candle is called shamash. It is located in a distinct place secluded from the Hanukkah candles, although on the same candelabrum. The Hanukkah lights are utilized solely for exhibiting and thinking on the tale of Hanukkah. They are dissimilar to Sabbath candles since Sabbath candles are brought into use for light. Several people light the shamash candle in the starting and utilize it to light other candles. It is not compulsory to light candles only. People ignite oil lamps also. Electric lights also are utilized at locations where fire is not advisable. In every Jew household there is the particular candle-holder or lamp holder for Hanukkah nights.

The motive of Hanukkah lights is not light but for letting onlookers understand about the phenomenon of the festiv event. Hence the lights are kept in a outstanding spot in the residence, like door or window which can be comfortably seen from the streets. Based on one belief, there must be one special candle-stand for each member of the family, while according to the other belief, there must be only a single for the entire home.

On Hanukkah, gift articles are given and given to children too. Children are encouraged by their parents to pay something to charity in place of receiving gift items back. People relish foodstuffs fried preferably in olive oil. It indicates the wonder of oil which maintained the flame ignited in the Second Temple or Holy Temple for eight days. Conventionally potato pancake or latke, jam-filled doughnuts, sufganiyot stuffed with strawberry jam and fried in oil, etc are enjoyed on the day. Numerous alternatives for the strawberry jam are utilized nowadays, such as cappuccino, vanilla, caramel, chocolate etc. Cheese substances are also enjoyed typically.

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This way you can understand which foodstuffs and other objects are suitable for Hanukkah gift baskets.