Nature is a perfect balance. (There are no manipulations or hidden interests.) To go along smoothly with this perfect scheme, all we have to do is, ‘honor some basic laws’.

One such law is-

“Give your best services first….’.

We all work .Even millionaires and celebrities do work. Work is spending /using your energies available. When we spend our energies, the environment sends us something back to keep the balance- it may not be necessarily a salary check or money credited in your bank account. It may be some message, an opportunity or a surprise gift, if we care to realize this.

But our parents (or whosoever brought you up) have taught us the opposite way-

‘Ensure/calculate first what you get will in return of your services. Then offer your services commensurate to this ‘return amount’.

The idea is fine from the limited financial prospective of maximizing profit. But life is much more than mere finance. Moreover, this message was given to us as training in childhood by people who were worried and concerned about our protection.

When we grow up, we have to learn the bitter & better facts of life. But some of us refuse to grow. This is because some of the myths they carry from their childhood as realities .Some of such myths are analyzed here-

Myth 1-You should receive first to give something in exchange- The facts of life are just opposite. Businessman invests first and the profit comes much after as a consequence of services provided. A salaried person works first and the pay check comes much after as a consequence of work. So the rule of life is ‘give first and you will receive something back as a consequence of your services provided’.

Myth 2-My resources will dry up if I only believe in giving first- As far as your services are concerned, your resources are your capability of work. And this will only finish with your life. In fact this resource gets refined every time you do some work /provide service. You become more expert of that work.

Myth 3 – Work only when profit is guaranteed – The fact of life is that there is no universal formula which can calculate profit with 100% guarantee in all circumstances. There are uncertainties in life and you have to take some risk anyway. So an assessment of profit is only one part of decision making, it should not become the sole criterion to decide. Future is unknown and every thing can not be pre decided even after advancements of technology. So focus on ‘quality of work’ rather than ‘quantity of profit’.

Myth 4 -My value will reduce, if I provide service first without a payment tag attached to it- You can only offer some value tag for your products/services in a market. If the offer is accepted by the customer, then only the value becomes a reality. Your value is decided by others –your customers in a market situation. You have very limited control over deciding your value. It is based on the judgment of others. Give them more opportunity to judge by offering best of your services.

So why not give it a try-

‘Give your best service first every time …………….. And see the difference.’

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Deepak Dixit is an engineering graduate from IIT,Roorkee,India (eartswhile University of Roorkee). He has served for more than 22 years in 'Indian Army' as an officer and has taken a pre mature retirement after that.
He has also served in corporate world for about 5 years.Presently he is focusing on writing.
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