Yesterday I received the email below from a close friend of mine & it resonated so deeply with me and is SO in line with what REAL BEAUTY is all about, I just had to share it with you.

As you may know Rosh Hashanah began at sundown last night. This holiday is a celebration of the New Year & the birthday of mankind. At Rosh Hashanah permission is granted to the Jewish people to start over, leave our old shortcomings behind & start the New Year with a clean slate. But what occurred to me as I read my friend’s beautiful email is that we can grant ourselves permission at any moment in our life to wipe the slate clean, move beyond our limitations and rejoice in who we most want to be.

I hope that you will take a moment to read the email below regardless of your religious beliefs. It doesn’t matter if you pray, or go to church, or if you even believe in God, because the message here is about realizing the choice and the power we all have to start over, move beyond, forgive the past & celebrate life.

Whether your past year or the past hour has been one of great challenge or great joy; it’s officially behind you. And when we allow parts of our energy to be stuck in the past we can’t possibly move forward as our most expansive and powerful self. We all deserve a chance to start again, to try another way, to celebrate what is good. And if you have a hard time giving yourself permission, then I’m officially giving it to you. So, there’s no excuse. Go ahead and take action. Wipe your slate clean and take this day to anchor even deeper into loving yourself and celebrating your life.


(please note: The email below has been modified from it’s original version to include the content that is most relevant to the Real Beauty Is community)

Dear friends,

Happy birthday to the world, we're nearing the celebration!

Rosh Hashanah is translated as "head of the year." We're about to be given the opportunity to start over, this is a permission granted to the Jewish people and one which comes with great relief and also great responsibility.

When you wipe your slate clean this week and rebirth yet again, consider how you want to build yourself up.

In the coming year -

will you open your heart to the unexpected, to people, places, and things you never anticipated?
will you allow for compassion to take precedent over self-interest?
will you be generous with your time, with your energy, with your resources?
will you insist on being right, or will you decide to be happy?
will you look upon your fellow man and woman as if you were looking upon yourself or your child, with hope and genuine interest?
will you make the effort, go the distance, keep smiling, and love with less restriction?

We ask for what we need in shapes and sizes we may not even know.

What you wish for will be granted to you, but you may not even know it.

Look around, see your life, really see your life on this day, the birthday of the world, your prayers have been reflected back to you in the form of your life.

The short end of the stick is in the eye of the beholder.
And one man's stick is another man's oak tree.

This is everything you asked for.

May these days ahead be filled with good thoughts, positive vibrations, and deeds of affection and optimism.

I pray for all of you -

that this Rosh Hashanah be the sweetest that you have known to date,
may the sweetness resonate with you throughout the year ahead,
marking each day with the joy and the peace you speak to in your prayers and in the intimacy of your heart's dreams.

In love & in celebration,


Your current life is a message to you, so lean in and listen carefully to what it has to say. It really is everything you’ve asked for. If you’re not living the life you REALLY want doesn’t today seem like the best time to grant yourself permission to live another way?

With REAL beauty,
xo Lori

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Author's Bio: 

Lori Fields is a NYS Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Internet entrepreneur, leader, visionary, health & fitness enthusiast and Founder of the Real Beauty Is Movement.

She has dedicated her life to teaching women how to feel good about themselves by tapping into their power, live their life on purpose and defining beauty on their own terms.

Lori’s innovative method for empowering women derives from her background in clinical social work, health and fitness, and entrepreneurship. Through her compassion, focus, clarity, and determination Lori creates a supportive space for women to awaken into their most beautiful & confident self.