Nothing enhances your self-confidence like an elegant smile. Nonetheless, if you have jaw bone anomalies and bite problems, you won’t have the freedom to smile. When it comes to your child's smile, there are significant advantages to straightening their smile when they are young. That’s why Brendan Smith, DDS, MS, offers Cedar Park children’s orthodontics at Freedom Orthodontics. By treating your kid’s orthodontic concerns early, Dr. Smith can offer them a beautiful and healthy smile that will last for a lifetime. For more information, call or book an appointment online today.

What Is Children’s Orthodontics?

This refers to an orthodontics branch dedicated to treating younger patients. Kids have different orthodontic needs than teens and adults and because their teeth and jaw are still growing. At Freedom Orthodontics, Dr. Smith uses different techniques for his younger patients, including interceptive treatments.  These are procedures administered to stop the development of an orthodontic condition. By inhibiting an orthodontic concern before it has a chance to get worse, it saves you considerable money and time.

When Should Your Child Visit An Orthodontist?

The American Association of Orthodontics recommends scheduling the first orthodontic consultation for your child around their seventh year. This is an optimal age for the doctor to monitor their orthodontic development and begin the necessary preventive treatments. The Freedom Orthodontics team is dedicated to offering excellent, early orthodontic care and provides free consultations for kids over the age of seven. Call or schedule an appointment online to book a free children’s orthodontic consultation today.

What Are Some Common Children’s Orthodontic Conditions?

Some of the reasons children require orthodontic treatment include underbite, open bite, overbite, crowding, excessive space between teeth, thumb sucking, severe overjet, and holding space after early tooth loss. Crossbite is, however, the most common reason for children's orthodontics. Crossbite is a condition where the upper teeth fit inside the lower teeth when the jaw is closed. Dr. Smith provides effective cross bites treatment properly aligning your child’s bite.

What Are The Advantages Of Beginning Orthodontic Care Early?

When you begin children’s orthodontic treatment early, it offers the doctor more flexibility in treatments. With younger patients, the jawbone and teeth are still developing, making it easier for the doctor to guide them into the right positions effectively. Some of the benefits of early orthodontic care include reduced overall treatment time, decreased likelihood of extractions, saving space for teeth that are yet to appear, and creating better facial symmetry by manipulating jaw growth. By beginning your kid's orthodontic treatment before their teeth have finished emerging, Dr. Smith detects and addresses the conditions before the teeth have settled or the problem becomes complex. He can use wires, brackets, and retainers to align the four front teeth before the child's mouth is developed fully to hold full braces.

In conclusion, freedom orthodontics provides effective and safe children's orthodontics treatment to give them a new smile and enhance their overall oral health. Call or book an online appointment at Freedom orthodontics today. The orthodontics team under Dr. Smith offers a comprehensive children’s orthodontic service in and around Cedar Park.

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