Rhinoplasty is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries performed in UK. More and more people visit clinics and surgeons in order to get a correction done to their nose. The nose is considered as the most important feature on a human face. If not in proper symmetry with the face, the nose may spoil the beauty of an otherwise beautiful face.

A nose operation changes the look of the entire face and not just the nose part. A nose job is a cosmetic, usually performed by a cosmetic surgeon. However, it becomes a reconstructive surgery if it involves working on the functioning of the nose as well.

The 3-dimensional structure of the nose shows huge consequences even with slightest modifications. So the correction and reconstruction of nose defects become really difficult due to many other nuances involved in the nose job process.

When planning for a nose surgery, the surgeon examines the details of the nose very closely. He observes all the aspects that may be involved in the process. It is also essential to identify the expectation of the patient from this surgery. The surgeon should help the patient in setting some realistic expectation.

The nose is made up of bone and cartilages. A nose surgery includes three main procedures:
•The skin of the nose is lifted
•The bone and cartilage are reshaped in order to get the desired shape of the nose
•The new base is then covered up with the skin of the nose
Each one so these procedures involve the expertise of a qualified surgeon. The patient should ensure beforehand that the surgeon who is going to perform the surgery is fully qualified and well experienced in the desired type of cosmetic surgery procedure.

Our Rhinoplasty treatment provides solutions for the following ailments:
•Deviated or Hump Nose
•Narrowing of bulbous nose
•Nostrils narrowing
•Nose lengthening/shortening
•Deformity due to birth or injury and many more
Some of the common reasons for which a Rhinoplasty becomes necessary are:
•To enhance the looks through nose shaping
•To straighten a deviated septum
•To treat breathing problems and improve airway functioning
•Reconstructive purposes: To correct a birth deformity or an injury

Any cosmetic surgery which is intended only for aesthetic reasons in not covered under any health insurance policy. Same is the case with Rhinoplasty. However, if the nose surgery is performed for correcting any functional abnormalities, it is covered by health insurance policies.

A nose surgery is performed keeping both the cosmetic and functional aspects of the nose in mind. It must be ascertained that a nose job is done only by an experienced and qualified surgeon.

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