You have been bitten by the blogging bug and your inclination for self-dependency, or maybe your professional interests, make you consider an alternative to a free wordpress blog. No matter what the reasons behind your decision, you should know that you can always opt for a self hosted wordpress blog.

A self-hosted blog versus a free wordpress blog

The free wordpress offers you web hosting but reduces the number of options and services available. A self-hosted blog allows you to have more control and exert your skills to the full.

You can benefit from your own domain name, create your own customized design template and decide upon which content management service to use. You can pick up domains cheaply at sites like Godaddy and Namecheap.

Great value hosting plans can be found at places like Hostgator or GVO Web Hosting. You can also use any upgrades that are necessary to better promote your blog content and so increase the number of viewers to your blog each day.

You will have to invest some money into tuning up your own blog but, if done wisely, your investment will pay off in the long run. After all, it’s better to be in charge of the website logistics than contenting yourself with the free service and the limited functionalities offered by a free blog hosting provider!

A catalyst for bigger revenues

A self-hosted blog can be the answer to your prayers when embarking upon a home business or when you want more virtual visibility for your brick and mortar business. Since you’re responsible for the smooth running of the blog and everything from the overall design to the content and the additional services is contingent on your technical skills as well as your aesthetic taste. If you are not particularly technical then you can always outsource the building your blog to sites like Elance or Odesk.

If you’ve spent a bit of money on your blog you are more than motivated to make it yield some returns. When a business benefits from its own domain name and a tailor-made blog, the odds of ranking higher in the search engines and being visible to a greater number of people is more likely. This in turn can lead to upsurges in revenues and positive publicity.

Exposing your business's portfolio of services or marketing your company's achievements through your self-hosted wordpress blog will also gain you more business proposals and a greater number of customers. On the same note, in view of the better search engine optimization offered by a customized domain name, requests to advertise on your site may also increase.

This can produce very lucrative results for you and those wishing to promote their products or services on your blog. This can be achieved by having banner ads posted on your site which can give you some extra cash flow in addition to the sales of your own merchandise and services.

A communication platform marketers should consider

To make it in the highly competitive marketing environment new to intermediate marketers rely heavily on mail marketing and building subscriber lists. A self hosted wordpress blog can be just the platform they need to post relevant and compelling content for clients and prospective customers .

Therefore, if you are a new marketer or your level of expertise needs improvement, do not hesitate to opt for this type of online presence. It may take your online exposure to the next level and help you expand your business in a relatively short amount of time!

There are a lot of blog hosting solutions available on the market today ready to meet the customers' numerous needs. But if you are not willing to choose cost to the detriment of quality, originality and higher returns, then go for a self-hosted wordpress blog and increase the presence of your business in this new digital age.

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