That’s the message printed on the front of my mini notebook that I keep by the bedside and carry around with me for my creative capture moments. In recent weeks, examples of the three phrases have been popping up in everyday life. Brenda, a client turned colleague met up with me for some consulting on a complimentary therapy practice she is building. After two hours of her telling me all the reasons she could not get started and the people who prevented her from doing so, I concluded the meeting and I have not heard from her since. When she’s ready she may come to her own conclusion, that as a stay at home wife, with a spare room in her home and all the diplomas she needs, she has many reasons to actually succeed – one she becomes a participant in her own success.

Later, Laura an artist wanted to know of possible venues where she could exhibit her art. As I usually do I mentioned an informal coffee meeting to find out more about her vision and the kind of audience she would like to reach. The response was that a meeting was not possible because it was her daughter’s birthday soon. No worries, disassociation is a common response when people perceive stressful situations. We later bumped into each other at a gathering where she let me know about problems with her house and finances that would be a barrier to her investing in professional guidance strategies for reaching her goal of achieving national recognition.

Max was a bit different. In my first encounter with him he courageously let me know that people tell him he talks too much. He paints and is studying statistics with a plan to work with private clients as an analyst. He struggles with balancing time and is indecisive about what his focus should be. While Max reads self-improvement books voraciously, his conversations reveal that little changes with him for the better – reading does not necessarily equal desired results.

One common thread between all three acquaintances is that they a have vision, passion and competence – three essential keys for their desired success. Brenda gathers information and lives in a loop between giving up and giving in. Laura and Max, both make social connections and take well intentioned action, that is out of alignment with the results they want. They all resist the key that can help the most – changing the beliefs and behavior patterns they’ve been using for years, that give them what they don’t want.

By investing in their own personal development, they can identify their best resources, learning new strategies that support what it is they really want. A renowned self –help guru said “change the way you look at things and things you look at change”. Giving everything is making the commitment to change what is within. How do people expect others to invest in products and services they are offering, when they resist investing in themselves? If you are already giving everything, notice perhaps you can notice now where it is going. The results will show you soon enough.

Author's Bio: 

I'm originally from England and lived in California for thirty years. It's a prvilege to be supporting clients as a Lifestyle Strategist, with more than 20 years experience in hypnosis and NLP in a way you can use it. Consultations include Gastric Band Hypnotherapy, Quitting Smoking, Anxiety, Alcohol, Grief Support, PTSD, Phobias, Relationships, Career Change, Public Speaking, Test Taking, Interviewing, Negotiation, Weight, Stress, Work and Peak Performance.

Professional consultations include downloads, lifetime email support and phone support between appointments. Videos and other ready resources are available from the website.

I was researching and using Neuro Liinguistic Programming and hypnosis for almost ten years, when a friend introduced me to my first client, a brain injured child. I discovered that conversational hypnosis, and NLP came naturally to me, as I was integrating it into our sessions. His performance at school dramatically improved enough for him to be in mainstream education. There I was using different techniques for my own past challenges, including weight management, quitting smoking and bereavement. Imagine finding out that the process was helping others too. . Since my beginning in 1992, a part-time job while studying for my MA became mylifelong passion, and I look forward to working with you.

I also enjoy inspirational writing, and producing personal growth videos. and inspirational writing. My work is featured online and in Mosaic Lifestyle Magazine.