As people with the power of choice it is interesting how we use it. In nature no creature is allowed to go less then all out. If a Cheetah goes half speed during a chase it starves to death. If a group of bees go half speed in their manufacturing they starve to death. If a shark goes half speed chasing down its prey it starves to death. Notice a pattern. But we as human beings with choice continuously make the choice to go half speed. Some of us throughout the course of our lives never even attempt to go all out for anything. There is something about the idea of a sustained all out effort that just frightens us.

Maybe it’s a fear of failure, or maybe it’s a lack of motivation to even start, a lack of belief? But one thing is certain, if you want to attain any real level of success it is going to take real work. I don’t mean a quick day or week at it; I’m talking about a serious and consistent sustained effort. I’m talking about going all out for months and years. Would you be willing to put in that amount of work to make your vision, your dream a reality? That is the level of commitment that is required to make your dream a reality.

But you have to believe:

1. You have to see your vision of your future and first you have to believe that it is a vision and not just a dream.

2. Then you have to believe that you can make that happen, but not by yourself because you will need help but you have to believe it before you can get anyone else to believe it.

3. Then you have to plan back, start at your dream and tell yourself realistically everything you did to make yourself a success.

4. Believe your story and really buy into it, write it down and read over it often. Anchor it in positive thoughts and give it a real go.

5. Focus on the vision and work on the in-between and watch you work and walk yourself right into it.

Everyone has the ability to manufacture their lifestyle, but you have to deserve it by believing in it and working towards it. Waiting for luck is a bad plan, don’t plan for luck let luck plan for you. Work hard on yourself and your dream night and day, and when it’s all said and done, watch your dream become a vision, and that vision become the sight of the life all around you.

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Author's Bio: 

Patrick is a native of Tallahassee, Florida. Born into a not so wealthy family Patrick, the youngest of three, was raised by his single mother. Although the youngest, as the only boy soon to be man, Patrick found himself growing up rather quickly. Feeling the burden of manhood and seeing himself as the monarch of his family Patrick ventured out into the world to fend for himself as well as his family. There he found trouble by what is considered quick money. Caught up with an interest to support and desire to play by his own rules, Patrick found himself faced with drug dealers, the law and other less then desirable influences.

After a series of negative events, including loss of a scholarship behind preparation to care for his unborn child; Patrick decided to attempt a change in lifestyle. He joined the military. There he was introduced to several new things such as: helping teenagers through his involvement as a track coach for a local middle school; as business strategic planning through his practice of Lean Six Sigma; and helping others by sharing his story with them.

After the attendance of several leadership and personal growth and development conferences, Patrick found his perspective regarding his outlook on life changing. He took up a fascination with the young adult community, as well as business affairs and consulting. Patrick’s desire to help didn’t change but he began to look at the world through a different set of eyes and his life began to change rapidly. He is often found quoting some great life gurus but his favorite quote would have to be John Maxwell’s “Attitude determines altitude.” He now travels giving talks about attitude and perspective and how it affects where you are and where you are going. His website has become the center of his operation and the motor for his message.