Men love a challenge! One of the most competitive and yet fun and thrills to be had is found in the rally driving experience! Both men and women love the exhilarating adrenalin rush they get when racing on a course that offers challenges at every turn while living the dream of mile a minute speeds!

Men appreciate being pampered as well as thrilled

When planning a special treat for your man there are many options they may appreciate. An overnight lovers delight or top to toe pampering at a spa may be just the perfect fit that you both can appreciate. Perhaps a day golfing is more to his liking or even a photo shoot involving the both of you and an makeover experience like no other. But when it comes to the ultimate in macho activities you just cannot top the excitement of the rally driving experience. Men just naturally have that competitive spirit that comes out when racing around a course that is filled with twists and turns that cannot be found on city streets. The website covers a wide range of activities that are extremely popular and make excellent gifts as well.

What would he enjoy most?

How about treating him to a Ferrari driving experience? The awesomely fast Ferrari 360, one of the most famous sports cars in history, is available for a special experience that will not soon be forgotten. The thrilling ride is sensory overload at its ultimate! Or maybe driving the legendary Lamborghini Gallardo will thrill him to the tips of his toes! Smell the leather, go through the gears controlling the V10 Italian engine that roars with anticipation! Or perhaps a slightly more subdued Aston Martin or Audi R8 will tap into his adrenalin supply. Then move on to the real deal with a rally driving experience and find out what all the excitement is all about. Put driving skills to the ultimate challenge while learning exceptional driving skills to make your regular commute safer than before. Learn how to take corners at high speed and feel what those great rally drivers experience each time they compete.

Fast paced maneuvering on courses including gravel or forest

For a time you can simply forget what you’re driving instructor told you or when to look out for police when speeding from here to there. The rally courses, including Silversone Rally School, or Buckinghamshire’s Subaru Rally Driving course, or perhaps your choice will be Gloucestershire’s Pro Rally School are each designed for thrills and when you’ve been trained to handle the high speed twists and turns you will have the thrill of a lifetime! Give this to your sweetheart as a gift or treat yourself with the ultimate driving experience!

Are you ready for zero to sixty in 5.2 seconds?

Like being shot from a rocket launcher is among the comments heard when speaking of the ultimate rally driving experience. Rip roaring full out fun is on the menu and drivers fill themselves full of a lifetime memory when they take to the many available courses across the UK. Try out the Impreza STi by Subaru for a flawless exhilarating driving experience like no other.

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