Technology has intervened in every field with modernization which provides convenience to the users and improves the competence and productivity of the person who uses it. Technology is getting advanced day by day and playing its role in the development and enhancement of individuals and Businesses. Every business needs an effective telephone communication system to grow and succeed in his field. In today’s date world has become a Global village, business depends majorly on communication or to put it precisely on Telephone, staring beginning from enquiries regarding product and their offered services, to Closing the deals. From handling the clients to getting the leads everything is being done on phone itself. So it constitutes as one of the important factor for business operations.
In an economy that is weighed down with constant challenges and threats, it's not an astonishing fact that businesses are constantly looking out for ways to save up on time, and by save money. suppleness, simplified management and outright saving up on cost are the order of the day, and many businesses have realized that Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services like hosted PBX are a very good option for providing those cost and time savings. Therefore, the market this service is climbing in a very rapid fashion.
In today’s world every firm in the race to outweigh each other are resorting to the new hi gig technologies. Where large firms have already carved a niche for themselves, small firms which are aspiring to make it large are leaving no stone unturned to offer their client great services. Hosted PBX services could be considered as a boon to these firms. It enables these firms to provide their customers even better environment. Hosted PBX services are a definite improvement over the initial PBX system.
Some other interesting features about hosted PBX services are:
• Many firms want to operate on the same number even at varied locations. This conjecture helped in evolving the services of hosted PBX services
• One can retain the same and use it using the hosted PBX system
• The main advantage of using these services is that the maintenance cost is not incurred by the firm using it. The service providers take care of all the technicalities. And hence the initial settling cost doesn’t bother the user at all.
• One can avail the services of hosted PBX services with the help of the service providers on the lease or contractual basis.
• These firms charge on the basis of usage of the customer so the user doesn’t even have to pay a single penny extra. Also the usage of the user can be customized according to his needs.
• Additionally there are some extra features associated with Virtual PBX which allows calls to be diverted at different locations and user can set the priority of concurrent call and sequential call routing so that call do not get missed.
• Hosted PBX support features like Auto Attendant, Auto Dialing, ACD, Call Accounting, Music on hold, Call Blocking, Call Park, IVR, Call Pickup, Call Waiting, Call transfer, Voice Mail etc. are being continued in the hosted PBX as well from PBX.

Technology has brought a lot of improvement in the field of industry communication. Off course, Hosted PBX Services not only improved competence of the business but also gave a way to save the operational cost which could be invested somewhere else fruitful. In addition to that it lends a lot support to the budding firms who want to maintain a standard and wish to provide their clients best possible support.

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Technology Specialist at The Real PBX ‘Adom Brown' is a specialist in small business PBX systems. The Real PBX is a pioneer in providing Hosted PBX Systems that deliver business class voice quality, real time customer assistance, scalable office Business Phone system office and more. Their enterprise class Hosted PBX Services include top notch features like Unified Communication. Their IP PBX Systems deliver business class voice quality, real time customer assistance, scalable office etc.