West Delhi is the most posh area in Delhi. The living standard of this part of Delhi is too much high comparing to other places. Though Delhi is the 5th ranking city urban area wise in Asia, so, the level of stand will obviously be high. It’s not an issue that which part of is much classier in comparison to others. The main reason behind highlighting this part of Delhi is since two or three years West Delhi based schools are doing better comparing to others. That’s why here west Delhi has been highlighted.

There many good numbers of schools in West Delhi, which have been judged as best schools since 3 to 4 years. Students are doing quite well. Lot numbers of international schools, residential schools, public schools, nursery schools, play schools, various categorized schools are available at this part of Delhi and each of them are involved in providing quality education keeping only one motto on mind that students after passing out from theses schools have to be appointed by good organizations so that their life can meet happiness and poverty waits for lifetime to meet them. Students do study for their better future and precocious future. And another reason which is the most important reason is for gaining knowledge so that generation to come can achieve something from passing out generation. It is the chain system of society how this society exists. Teachers are apparently best at their job. They are highly qualified, skilled and experienced, and the most significant thing is that they have taken the responsibility of building today for future, means, today’s young, growing generation is supposed to be brighter future of this nation. So, schools have the biggest contribution in building good image today for forth coming days.

Most attractive features of nowadays schools are every classrooms of such world class schools have been converted into computerized classrooms, where computerized learning devices are installed, air-conditioned classrooms, well-equipped gymnasium, well-maintained swimming pools, then playgrounds, moreover students are given the opportunities for coming up with their hidden talents. Apart from all these schools have got privileges of taking students to abroad also for many seminars, competitions, which are held at international level. Due to all these world class facilities provided by the schools, students become too much smart and have very striking attitude while delivering anything regarding their talents and all.

Moreover, Delhi is the 6th largest city, pop ranking wise in Asia; then 8th largest one, urban area ranking wise in world & 5th largest one, urban area ranking wise in Asia. So, while talking about the school education in Delhi then it should not be discussed keeping different zones of this city apart. It should be discussed as a matter of whole, though we have emphasized on West Delhi. But prior to that one thing must be cleared that schooling at Delhi would be the best gift from you to your children, which would be earning only profit for your children through out his/her entire life.

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