There`s nothing that compares to the feeling of satisfaction, fulfillment and accomplishment when reaching a big goal. It`s like being a kid all over again and just learning to tie your shoe and ride your bike. The sense of pride and wonder fills you. A whole new world has opened up and everything is good.

It`s absolutely essential to become proficient at goal setting and goal achieving to maintain these positive vibes and to fulfill your potential as a human being. Humans are goal-strivers as we always feel healthier and happier when we have something that we are focused on becoming or bringing into our lives. Goals add excitement and direction in life. They enable you to do the work you want to do, to live where you want to live, to be with the people you enjoy, and to become the kind of person you want to be.

Unfortunately estimates say that only 3% of people write their goals down and less than 1%actually review, update and rewrite their goals on a regular basis. The very act of writing down a goal is so powerful; it`s as though you are carving your desire into the Universe. Further, writing causes thinking. As you write, you`ll find that you become clearer on what it is that you actually desire. Thinking about a goal isn’t enough; it must be written.

Why is it that so few people set goals? I think there are five basic reasons.

1. Half In.
Whenever I look at my past experiences or speak to otherpeoplewho have achieved something spectacular, I find that the successful achievement happened after they decided to get serious. In other words, until you become completely determined about your goals, put your full commitment towards them,nothing really happens.

2. They Don`t Understand.
They don`t understand the importance or value of setting a goal. People who start setting goals very early in life usually come from goal-setting families. The importance of setting goals is stressed from the beginning and it becomes a habit. For those people, setting a goal is like brushing their teeth. They do it naturally. For others, without knowing the value, don’t even think about it.

3. They Don`t Know How.
Incredible as it seems, a person can go through 15 to 18 years of education and never once receive a single hour of instruction on how to set goals. This tragedy is a worldwide phenomenon. Because they aren`t taught this in school, then they think it`s not important.

4. Fear of Criticism.
Fear is the number one reason why people remain stuck. How many times have you seen an unhappy or dissatisfied person allow the fear of rejection or criticism to stop them from even setting a goal?They`ve given up before they got started. Many people don`t set worthwhile goals because they have found that every time they did set a goal, someone told them they couldn`t possibly achieve it.

5. Fear of failure -- and this may be the most important reason of all.
Most people don`t set goals because they are afraid they might fail. If allowed,the fear of failure is the greatest obstacle to success. This fear is a major psychological barrier to that stops people from even trying.

Overcoming these obstacles and setting well-defined goals will enable you to focus your efforts and energy toward something that`s important to you. Goal setting gives you a target to aim towards and develops self-discipline. Keep the end result in mind and focus on the next step rather than becoming distracted and going off in other directions.

Let me share with you five keys that will help you do that. Each of these keys starts with one of the letters in the word POWER. Whenever you find yourself getting off the track, simply repeat the word POWER and think about how each letter stands for a key that just might apply to your current situation.

The first letter is P and it stands for Passion.
Set big, juicygoals that excite and scare you; then get started by looking for the first step you can take right now to move yourself towards your goal. History shows that most often the only difference between success and failure is simply taking action. Don`t worry about needing a plan; simply start where you are right now and do one thing to begin moving towards your goal.

The second letter is O and it`s for Opportunity.
We can train ourselves to see what we want. Test this by closing your eyes and thinking of a color. Open your eyes and look around. You`ll be amazing at how that color pops out from everywhere. It`s the same for our circumstances. Successful people don`t wait for opportunities to turn their goals into reality; they make them. They take responsibility for their actions and the life they wish to create. Once you have taken the time to decide exactly what you want, look for and experience an endless flow of opportunities that will help move you in that direction.

The third letter, W, stands for Wanton Expectation.
Know in your heart of hearts that the goal is yours. Don`t allow doubt to slip in at all. When you think, dream and visualize your goal, only have happy visions. Even at those points when it seems like it`s slipping away, trust and believe it is yours. If it`s an object you want, have pictures of it all around so that you see it frequently. If it`s a trip, have photos of the area and paste photos of you in the scenery. Stay away from dream robbers at all times.

The letter E stands for Enthusiasm.
Everything you accomplish begins with a decision. Decide to approach each day with enthusiasm. Enthusiasm is aroused by 2 things: 1) an idea that you are in love with—that takes your imagination by storm, and 2) a plan for carrying that ideal into practice. Your attitude will determine whether or not you reach your goal. Be excited and enthusiastic while you are working on your goal and just know that it`s yours.

The letter R stands for Review & Rewrite.
Once you are in action moving towards a goal, do a monthly review of what`s working, what`s not working and what`s missing. Quit doing what`s not working and bring in what`s missing. Reaffirm your commitment to your goal by rewriting it. Celebrating the steps you`ve taken and the knowledge you`ve gainedin the process will increase the speed at which you move ahead. Revel in the signs you receive proving the goal is on its way.

One final thought. You`ll come across obstacles in the pursuit of your goal. These obstacles are actually gifts for us to discover more about ourselves and to bring those gifts to the surface. Understand this: the bigger the goal, the bigger the obstacles -- andbigger opportunities for your growth. It`s not so much that you reach your goal, but what you become in the process of attaining the goal.

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