Renting or finding an inflatable bounce for sale has become a great way to ensure any birthday party you throw for your children is a huge success. The most fun and memorable parties have some form of moonwalk, inflatable or bouncy castle! Whatever you call them moonwalks are entertainment and exercise for the whole family if you get the right type! Organize games on them, make sure they are supervised and you will be glad you got one. Here is a look in particular at types of inflatables you might want for a girl's party.

A magical theme with a princess castle inflatable

A lot of girls love everything to do with princesses. Disney princesses are especially popular so you could get a themed inflatable linked to one or a few of those, or you could purchase inflatables in the style of a magic castle. Set the scene of a themed party and let a bunch of little princesses have a fantastic time! With the unwrapping, cake and food, and a few games, and an inflatable you have the party all taken care of!

Boost the birthday magic with a birthday cake moonwalk

Since the day is to celebrate the birthday of a special girl in your life what about a moonwalk in the shape of a birthday cake! It does not matter what theme the party has, or if it even has one, the birthday cake shape would be perfect. You can get them in all kinds of sizes so whether you have a small gathering or a much larger one, you can find something just right for you. You can even get some bouncing cakes that also have a slide, so the girls can jump or slide and have the best time.

Family fun with a party house bouncer

Party house bouncers are a popular choice and a very traditional one. Bouncy houses are something any girl would enjoy and these suit something like a family gathering that is a general celebration or it could be for something special too.

Combo celebrations with a bounce and slide

An inflatable bounce for sale comes in all kinds of interesting shapes and themes. You can get just the ones that the girls will be jumping in, you can get obstacle courses where they get to race as well as jump, they can have slides and so on. Kids often love the slide and bounce combination, it combines two of their favorite things to do sliding down something fast, and jumping high!

Splashing down with an inflatable water slide

Inflatable water slides are another combination of favorite things, water, sliding and bouncing! These are super for when the party is happening on a warm to hot day. You just need a water source somewhere fairly close. You could even get an inflatable slide that goes over a pool if you have one.


These are just a few of the options out there when you look to purchase inflatables for a girl's party. They will provide hours of laughter and joy and you can get any style or theme to suit your party.


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