There is a brand new forum for girls which I would love to bring to your attention. Even if you are not a female and you are interested in relationships, adultery, infidelity, cheating, divorce, lust, love, relationships, breaking up, finding a mate and all that goes with it then you will enjoy it. It is at

Girl's forum. One of the reasons people are so keen to use computers now is because they enjoy reading and writing. Sometimes it is possible to combine this with making friends and finding out things, getting support and sharing views. We go onto discussion boards and message boards and forums for this. You can go to it at

There is a new one now which is designed for females. You can use it even if you are not one but you may find that the subjects relate more to them than to you. Everyone is welcome to use it and just enjoy reading the postings or put their own. You can even use a special section of it to post advertisements for new friends or to reply to others who have posted such advertisements for them if you want an epal, a penfriend or someone to chat to online regularly. Some of the people who use this part are housebound or have various problems that causes them to be very isolated and lonely so it is ideal for them. But everyone is welcome to use it even if they have a huge family and lots of friends already. It may be that you have a busy life with lots of people but would just like one person to write back and forth to on here.

One thing which is important about using such sites is that it gives us a chance to express ourselves. Sometimes we find that we are having to keep our feelings and thoughts to ourselves and are not able to share them and be open and honest with people around us. It is safe to share our thoughts with someone online who also does this with you and who you will never meet. You can even withhold facts such as your real name if this makes you feel safer so that they cannot trace you or talk about you. Having support and friendship is something we all have a right to when we want it but it can be hard to find otherwise.

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