Why we choose Ginkgo Biloba 120mg? What helped Ginkgo Biloba - an American product that could attract so much attention at Vietnamese market. 



Ginkgo Biloba is formulated from natural ingredients. The main ingredient extracted from ginkgo leaf (Ginkgo Biloba - a long live sacred plant in many cultures) is good for the human brain. It is known as a food that helps support mental alertness, maintain healthy blood flow to the brain, antioxidant and heal the damaged cells.


Ginkgo Biloba 120mg is a popular brain supplement which is made in the US. Nowadays, the number of people who have problems with brain function is increasing, no age limit. The most convenient way for everyone, even the busy ones to take care of their own health, is to take a supplement. And the functional food Ginkgo Biloba 120mg will help you do that.


The product also supports people with mental breakdown, mental instability, stress caused by fatigue, which could lead to headaches, migraine. Headaches cause distraction, discomfort, irritability, affecting relationships around as well as for family members. Ginkgo Biloba helps stabilize blood flow to the brain, helps clear the mind. And of course, the ability to solve problems more quickly, the work will also go more smoothly.


The product also helps to protect and reduce retinal degeneration, eye, nose and throat circulation. Because Ginkgo Biloba does well in supporting the circulatory system to be healthy.


Objects that can be used:

Men and women aged 18 or over.

People often suffer from headaches, dizziness, memory loss.

People with mental impairment.

The elderly suffer from amnesia.

Women who are pregnant or lactating, or those with blood thinning, or taking monoamine oxidase inhibitors, should consult their doctor before using the product.


Ginkgo Biloba 120mg is a supplement from the United States, not a medicine, so it will not replace medicine.

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