When I was in Germany recently for three weeks, I was deprived of some of the tools and associated techniques that I use to keep my gums clean and healthy. Unfortunately, because I was a little too worried about it, I turned to a mouthwash that is available over-the-counter in Germany but requires a prescription in the United States. Chlorhexidine gluconate is the mouthwash I'm talking about.

Even the marketers and manufacturers of this product warn people that it can cause staining, increase in calculus build up and can alter the taste of your food. What lured me in about the brand in Germany was that it claimed to have an Anti-Staining technology that would protect my teeth from stain.

Well, I can't speak for others, only myself. My teeth definitely stained from using this mouthwash for less than two weeks. I finally realized that I needed to stop after my teeth got to a certain stage of discoloration. I was disappointed to say the least.

You see, preventing the build up of plaque is crucial in preventing the anaerobic bacteria believe responsible for causing gum disease from accumulating. Well, even the stated side effect of this mouthwash is additional calculus build up. Calculus is hardened plaque!

It is crucial that you learn how to keep your teeth and gums protected against the accumulation of these bacteria. There are suspected links with periodontal disease to all kinds of other disease such as Alzheimer's, heart attack, stroke and multiple others as well. Next: Follow the links below to learn what you can do to stop gingivitis and prevent it from coming back again.

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