If you knew today that you wouldn't get exactly what you wanted but that something even better was trying to make its way to you, would you step aside and open the door to invite
it in? Or, are you standing at the peep-hole of life's doorway, waiting to see what shows up before you risk opening the door?

If you weren't resisting, where would life be taking you? Sometimes we are looking for things to show up that matches the perfect pictures we have in our mind. We miss the opportunities that come dressed in disguise.

Recently, I was struggling with an important decision. I was feeling unhappy, and frustrated about my options. Rather than let go of trying to control the outcome,I was doing everything in my power to resist what was. Believe me, it was causing me alot of physical stress and needless suffering.

Then I had a dream about being in my car which was parked and wedged in between two other cars. Feeling stuck, I reacted by pulling the car forward onto the sidewalk. In the process,
I hit an old historic building and it came tumbling down in huge pieces. Alarmed by what had just happened, I quickly drove to the courthouse to report my crime. I went through a crowd of people and finally found a bailiff to assist me.

I believe my dream was showing me two ways of proceeding
with my waking reality. I could force my will which could result in destruction or, I could stop resisting what was happening and look for the answers in disguise.

The next morning I received the final clue which completely
changed how I viewed my predicament. It came in the disguise
of a customer service representative that I called to help me
with an address correction. This man was so helpful and pleasant to talk to that I wanted him to know it. He responded by telling me that it was because he was a happy person. Then he shared the following secret to his happiness.

A few years ago things were not going well for him. He realized that he couldn't change what was happening but that he did have a choice about how it would affect him. Now he wakes up everyday and makes the choice to be happy. Since he started making this a conscious, daily choice his life has changed. He has a great life.

I knew while talking with him that I was getting more than
help with my address correction: I was getting an attitude correction. I was receiving a gift about how to look at my own situation. It wasn't what I expected to hear coming disguised in the form of a customer service representative.

Later that day, while driving down the road, I noticed
a car in front of me. The license plate had the word "bailiff" on it. Confirmation that the universe had just sent me to the customer service representative who held the answer to my dilemma. More importantly I recognized the gift in disguise.

The truth is that none of us have control over anything or anyone. We only have control over our response to what is happening in our life. We have the ability to respond. We have the choice to be happy or miserable.

The messy stuff in life is also part of the fabric of life. When we try to avoid it, by denying or resisting it, we also avoid he opportunity to live authentically.

If you have ever looked at a piece of fabric or knitting, there is always one side that looks beautiful then, when you turn it over, there is the messy side. The side that contains all of the loose yarns and threads. You can't have one side without the other. Both are necessary for creating the finished piece. And,so it is in life.

It's not about perfection but opening to the life that you are living and working with what life presents you. Remember, there is always a gift and it often comes disguised.

Author's Bio: 

Nancy D. Bishop is a life coach who believes when you change your thinking, you change your life. She offers personalized coaching programs to women at midlife who are ready to live more authentically and abundantly. To learn more about her coaching style and programs, visit her website at www.yourlifeyourway.com