As a child in Ohio, I gardened with my grandmother learning of the cycles and seasons of life. As I ate my sandwich made from a tomato that I planted, watered, nurtured and picked, I came to appreciate the fruitful rewards of hard work, patience, nurturing, weeding and pruning. I still garden every year, and it has become a ritual to plant my tomatoes.

The first day of Spring begins this season in my life in when I work with my hands in the soil, smell the fresh seedlings, feel the sun warm my body and try my hand in nurturing the cycle of life. I encourage you to discover the life renewing benefits of gardening. Whether you’re planting flowers and shrubs or fruits and vegetables, gardening is a great way to renew your spirit!

The fruits of your labor will yield . . .

  • onnection: Connecting with mother earth helps us experience the balance that’s necessary for sustaining our planet and our soul and diminishes daily stressors. Feel the sunlight soak into your body, hear the birds chirping, feel the wind refresh your spirit, fill your lungs with fresh air, and admire the perfectly colored petals of nature while gardening.
  • An Escape: Gardening helps us disconnect from our dizzying techno lives. As you’re giving a boost to your garden, weeding, watering and planting, you’re also doing the same for your mental health. Actively working in a garden also produces endorphins and serotonin giving a boost to your mood.
  • Creative Freedom: Gardening gives you the creative freedom make your home a haven from stress. Surround yourself with stunning landscapes or nature sounds to create a place for quite meditation, contemplation and relaxation.

I often wonder if my grandmother knew the gift she was giving me as she and I worked under the hot summer sun. I know she’d be pleased that in my own small way I’m passing this gift on.


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