Choosing a present for a man faces us a lot of options that are worth knowing. Beautiful things, small details and super gifts to surprise. For a birthday, for Father's Day, to honor him for some merit or, simply, for love or thanks. When we want to make a special gift to a family man, a friend, our partner or someone at work, more than once we don't know how to start. We share some good ideas to give a man and look great.

We put together a list with different options to choose a good gift for men of different profiles and interests. We think of different budgets and varied tastes, which can range from a perfume to a grill.

Original gifts for men

It is not necessary to go crazy or have a lot of hours to choose a nice gift for men. Moreover, it is usually easier than buying something from a woman because the man is usually less tricky and does not usually want to try on and evaluate every detail before deciding. That is why it is a great solution to turn to online shopping and go through different options without leaving home, comparing prices and alternatives and waiting comfortably in an armchair that the gift arrives.

How to choose a gift for a man

Choosing a present for a male has some peculiarities that it is good to anticipate. If it is someone you know well, you can take more risks and look for something original within your tastes. But, if he is a person you know little about, it is best to be safe with a classic gift. The good thing is that we can find good gifts for all budgets. You can opt for a detail, something economical, such as a wallet or a good wine, or play with a more important present, that takes part of your savings but leaves your honoree very, very happy.

Let's start with some original gift ideas.

Notebook backpack

More and more men are using backpacks or backpacks to take their things to work or faculty. The traditional portfolio has been replaced by much more modern, lightweight and easy-to-carry alternatives. They are a boom, for example, notebook backpacks, which have divided spaces where to put the computer, the cable and other accessories, all well padded and waterproof so that nothing is ruined. There are even designs of leather and elegant materials, in classic colors, which can be an excellent gift for men of all ages.


Gummies might look like gifts for children. But not if you give CBD gummies. The gummies have health benefits if consumed regularly and ahead of Christmas there are various attractive packages available.

A watch

Watches are a male passion. You hardly succeed with a gift of this kind if you interpret the honoree's style well. Classic designs in general always turn out well, but you can also try more innovative models, with other materials, color and even new technologies. If you get the budget, a smartwatch can conquer anyone's heart.

A racing jacket

If the honoree likes motorbikes or the “motorcycle” or rocker style, a good jacket may be something that she might like and not be encouraged to buy.

There are still other ideas that we have but the 4 ideas above are a description of how you give an original gift to the man you love.

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