You Can’t Be Too Cautious These Days

Now that people are gradually returning to the workplace, you need to get covid care packs for staff ready for use as soon as possible. In the face of one of the most contagious diseases in modern times, you need to be cautious about protecting yourself, and your loved ones from infection. This means that you need to go the extra mile when it comes to boosting your natural immunity, while taking all the necessary precautions. Depending on how many you need to order, and what your budget is, you can play around with the components of the care packs for staff. Choose from different kinds of masks, how many sheets of alcohol wet wipes you want in the box as well as the combination of snacks you want in the care pack.

Do Not Take Health and Hygiene Lightly

The coronavirus pandemic has taught us how critically interlinked health and hygiene are. This is why when you order a care package in Singapore, make sure that masks, sanitizer, wet wipes, germicidal liquid, and anti-bacterial hand wash are in it. Keep in mind that infection spreads mostly through the air. It is vital to keep your hands clean and sanitized, and not touch your face, eyes, or mouth after touching what might be a contaminated surface. Just as you need to sanitize your office before the folks start returning, keep hand sanitizers close by for people to use before entering the office.

First aid box should be kept ready: You need to keep muscle relief patches handy for anyone who complains of muscular pain while in office. It will ensure that the person can at least see a doctor before going home.

Keep Healthy Snacking Options Handy

You should know that every care package in Singapore gives you several options for the kind of healthy snacks you might want to include. Choose from Nestle Milo Snack Bar, Camel Almond/Pistachios Nuts (40g), Hand Brand Broad Beans, Cashew, Pistachio Nuts (40g each), Fishermen’s Friend Lozenges, Ferrero Rocher T3 (38g), and Loacker Wafer Chocolate (45g) among others. You might also want to add Chia Seed (500g), Nature’s Nutrition Raw Honey (500g), and Organic Rooibos Tea (20 bags).

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