Demonic possession, lost souls, and our philosophies about the topics are controversial, based on the feedback we receive.

Over twenty-five years ago, we were hesitant to embrace the concepts of unseen demonic influences and lost souls, otherwise known as ghosts. But today, we fully accept these concepts, based on our objective findings.

We share what we’ve learned to help you cut through the misunderstandings and misinformation and avoid the serious problems related to the issues.

Below we list feedback from three anonymous individuals, along with our commentary.

Comment #1:
“Your teachings are not very accurate. ‘Ask for help from God, your guides, or angels of the Light’? Obviously, you’re spouting New Age nonsense. In reality, God does not tell you to ask for help from angels or spirit guides because that is a way to become possessed by demons. Angels won’t listen to you. They will only listen to God. Clearly, you don’t know the One True God. Nobody is haunted by ‘lost souls,’ those are demons! Only the One True God can help you. Read the Torah and you’ll know.”

Comment #2:
“It’s doubtful you can help yourself with demonic possession or lost souls, as you put it. Only a properly trained exorcist with the Catholic cloak, crucifix, rosary, bible, and the help of saints can help those who are possessed.”

While we recognize that organized religion can be wonderfully beneficial for many people, other-dimensional entities including demons, lost souls, and angels are not religiously sanctioned, and predate today’s organized religions.

The belief in angels can be found in almost every culture in recorded history, and shamans and sorcerers of countless cultures have performed depossessions.

For example, over 6000 years ago Sumerians carved human-like beings with wings into stone, Sumerian priests performed exorcisms, and the Sumerians recited protection prayers, as depicted on cuneiform clay tablets.

Once you are well informed about these topics, it’s perfectly safe to do your own depossessions with the help of higher-level spirit guides (who are always willing to help if you ask!), though you can always seek the help of an expert.

Comment #3:
“I don’t believe in spirits, ghosts, demons, god or any of that stuff. I’m an atheist. Science has proven you do not know what you’re talking about. The unknown happens and your imagination takes over, that’s all it is. Gullible people see scary movies then re-create the horrors in their life out of a need for excitement or even from being crazy. The only way to get your brain to stop creating delusions is to get the right medication and go through therapy.”

We tend to view those who worship science while simultaneously attacking spirituality and religion, proclaiming their superiority over those who believe in God, other-dimensional beings, and metaphysical concepts, as conceited, bigoted miscreants who deny evidence of the unseen from countless cultures around the world that date back to the beginning of recorded history.

If you can’t touch it or prove it within the rigid confines of modern science, it doesn’t exist, say the skeptics. Scientists today focus on technological advances including sending spacecraft to other planets and other mundane concerns, which is rightfully their domain.

Inaccurately contending that (dogmatic) conventional scientific method applies to everything, including concerns beyond the material world, is not scientific.

Demons, disembodied souls, and the topic of possession may seem irrational or frightening, but there’s nothing to fear once you realize it’s simply a matter of protecting yourself from misplaced energy that needs to be sent to the Light.

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