Holidays have always been special, joyful times for everyone. That is, until things got rough and you ended up divorced. Celebrating it is always challenging, but holidays after divorce, are without doubt extra-challenging. Some people are quite lucky—not all their friends are in a relationship. Even just one single friend is enough to help one get away from all the cheerfulness, but sadly this is not often the case. A lot of divorcees have no other choice but to spend the special time alone, or with the kids if they have any. As a newly-single, recently divorced person, just the thought of getting through all the merriment of the holidays can be quite excruciating.

Gone are the times when you had somebody to clink glasses and toast to the future with. Now it’s just you and the memories that haunt your dreams, even your waking hours. Grieving is a process, and it is but normal for a person recovering from divorce to feel a myriad of painful emotions, especially during the holidays. Yes, pain is typical and inevitable, but it doesn’t mean that it’s okay to shut one’s self down and go on with life like a zombie. Recently divorced people usually go on auto-pilot, hopeless and constantly expecting the worst. However, time is too precious to waste on wallowing and on licking one’s wound.

Instead of moping about your loss, why not celebrate your newfound freedom on holidays after divorce? Even without your usual circle of friends, it is still possible to have a good time. Due to The increasing number of newly-divorced singles, there are actually holidays that cater only for single people. These custom-made singles holidays are quite easy to locate, especially on the internet. It is very important, however to check out the company first—be sure that they offer the kind of celebration that you would like to have. Another way to take your mind off the pain of the holidays after divorce is by taking on a new skill or enhancing an existing one.

Short-term courses like cooking, painting, dancing and yoga are a great way to meet people who share your interests and passion. Other fun activities include trekking, walking and cycling. Having children can be more difficult, since their needs must always come first. Handling the holidays and special occasions such as birthdays requires a newly divorced parent to restructure and re-evaluate goals and expectations. One must realize that everything will be different from how it used to be—not necessarily worse—only different. Children will always expect happy family times just like before, and this can definitely cause major stress for everyone, especially if they have to be ferried back and forth between each parent.

Most families handle it by alternating the celebration, while some simply choose to split the time. It is best to get past the media propaganda that makes children have unrealistic outlook about holidays. Ultimately, the most important thing about the occasion is to have fun, so try to handle the holidays in a healthy and cheerful way.

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