We are all living in a collective momentum of our past. It hasn't been till recently that there has been such a broad interest in diverse ideas and beliefs. If you imagine the 1950's, the entire nation was walking in step with one collective attitude towards the direction our society should go. If you were not totally, 100% patriotic, then you were possibly the enemy.

Yet if we look at the history of mankind, over the ages, we can quickly see that our collective beliefs have been changing and evolving. Just browse through a book on mythology the next time your in a bookstore and see the immense variety of beliefs man has had over time as to the nature of the universe.

When we understand that our beliefs ARE the template which we create our life from, It is done unto you as you believe, then it would serve us well to understand where we got ours and how we can change it.

Any time we posture with the universe, we create a karmic propensity. A tendency to have a repetitive life experience. And our beliefs are a way we can posture with how things are. The universe is not biased in any way. It totally accepts any belief we feed it. It is us that postures with what is.

An example of a limited belief creating an exact experience is found with lotto winners. Although the sudden winning of millions of dollars, most lotto winners, after several years, find themselves right back to the original level of wealth, or lack of it, that they started from. This is a reflection of their beliefs sculpting their life experience. Their ingrained beliefs have dictated what they were able to create.

So now consider your family of origin. What were their beliefs? How does that reflect on your experience of life now? What beliefs would have to change in order for you to create the life you desire?

Our society has been scarred by the past. The depression ingrained the notion that there is not enough to go around. The cold war has ingrained a mindset of “follow the establishments for your good”. Don't think outside the box. And yet, those very establishments are collapsing all around us.

So start to question what you have been taught. Try considering new aspects that might paint your life bigger. Start to mingle with different types of people. Get on Meetup.com and join groups that you would have never considered to join. Just listen as they share their experience of life. And then consider how you have created your own. If you want more of something in your life, join a group that is DOING just that. Be sure you don't join a “ we wanna be like that” group and just wish. But groups that are actually living in the beliefs you want to ingrain into your life experience.

It IS done unto you as you believe. This life you are living is completely programmable. You can create anything you allow your self to believe in. As you start to reconsider your programming from your past, approach it from the notion that anything I believe in is possible. Then look for examples of people in society that are actually living that way. And when you shift your beliefs too, you will live there too.

Life was meant to grow us. To blossom ever bigger expressions of who we are. What will you need to let go of? What will you need to allow? Make choices that grow your options and possibilities. You deserve it.

I help people root out the subconscious beliefs that keep them stuck. Allowing a bigger, brighter life. How can I help you?

Author's Bio: 

Les Jensen has mapped the nature of the human experience from a purely energetic perspective. Energy IS the language of the universe. By working directly with energy, for over 25 years, Les has discovered how we create our life experience from our conscious and subconscious energies. He coaches people in cleaning out the incongruent energy within their personal energy persona, so they can release any aspect of their past that no longer serves them, and how to create the exact vibration of what they want, attracting it into their life. What is your best dream for your life? Let's make it happen. www.lesjensen.com