A body signal such as back pain is healthy. It is a warning sign that the spine and central nervous system are under mechanical stress. This means that the Neuro-musculo-skeletal system is breaking down faster than it can heal. Misalignment of the spine and extremities caused by poor posture is the main cause of back pain.
Ideal Postural curves, body symmetry, coordination, flexibility and core strength, minimise the effects of gravity on the spine and nervous system. Repetitive loads and injuries tend to affect the areas in the spine which have already been weakened by poor posture. Attitude and self esteem plays a vital role in improving posture.
If unaddressed, the body innately adapts, sometimes without warning signals. Finally the spine breaks down, often triggered by only the smallest incidental movement.
Recovering from this crisis state is best achieved by the following.
• Get your spine and nervous system assessed by a chiropractor. Standing, weight-bearing X-Rays may be used to assess your postural curves, alignment, bone density and levels of osteoarthritis (early wear and tear). These factors impact on your spinal adjustment schedule.
• Once your spine heals to a point where your crisis starts to resolve, this is when you can really improve your spinal health. Body awareness is the key.
• Body Balance, Pilates, Yoga, aqua aerobics, stretching; all Low impact exercise aimed at improving core strength, flexibility and spinal coordination. At this stage your chiropractic adjustments are focused on reconstructing the spine so that the discs, ligaments, muscles and ultimately the nerves can rejuvenate to a more optimal state.
• The average healing time for a sprained joint or a strained muscle is 6-8 weeks, then up to 6 months to a year for remodelling. If the underlying mechanical weakness which CAUSED the injury is not corrected, then these times can be drawn out and chronic reoccurring injuries may prevail.
• Once your spine and extremities are balanced, coordinated and flexible, you can start to participate in higher impact exercise. Running, Aerobics,Step and Weights. If you start to get body signals again check your technique with your instructor, reduce any loads going through your spine and try again. It may be a little early or your body just isn’t accustomed to the new movement patterns. Still continue with your Chiropractic adjustments and body awareness exercise to further enhance your level of well-being.
• Always remember-Spinal Health is a process and not a project. If you think well, move well, sleep well and eat well-you will give yourself a much better chance to fulfil your health and therefore your life potential.

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