Life is great when everything and everyone in your life is going well. Your career is on track, your relationship is great, you’re looking good and just about everything in Your world is fantabulous. You are on top of the world flying high above the sky. Then one day something happens and everything crashes to the ground. Those that you thought were your friends you now see their true colours. Your career has come to a screeching halt, that fantastic relationship that you thought you had, you are now seeing their true colours coming out. You are devastated, your world is tumbling down around you and nothing seems to be staying it’s rightful place. You are now asking yourself, “Why me, why me oh Lord”. I will say to you what my English Professor so callously said to my class in University, “Why not you?” Now I won’t be that callous to you. :) I’m here to let you know that you can and will get back that drive and enthusiasm you once had for your life. It will be a slow climb back up that mountain and a lot of things won’t be the same anymore so be prepared for that. Some of those friends won’t make it back up that mountain with you, but that’s ok. Both of you have served the necessary purpose in each other’s life. Are you ready to close the door to your old life and get ready to step into the next phase of your life?

Getting back on track with your life after a major bout with depression that may have been triggered by a traumatic loss in your life can be very difficult. It can be especially hard to deal with all that is happening if you did not receive the adequate support that was necessary to help you through the difficult time. Now you may be feeling discombobulated and all out of sorts. Your career may have suffered during that time and so as any major projects you may have been working on. What is even more difficult is that you lost your way with yourself. Now you feel confused, overwhelmed and lost and you don’t know what to do. You feel like crying, but wait, that may set you back into the depression that you just came out of. You feel like yelling out in anger, but you were taught that you should not get angry. However, the fact that you are getting angry is a good thing. Being angry means that you are feeling and as long as you are feeling your emotions, you are a bit of a distance from being depressed.

Depression occurs as a result of unexpressed emotions. We were taught that it is not healthy to be angry and that is not true. There is always a healthy and unhealthy side to every emotion. We were also taught that Adults are not supposed to cry. Another bunch of silliness. Crying is pain leaving the body. Sometimes it is good to just sit down and have a good hard cry. This is healthy for both women and men. So for all you men out there who think it is unmanly to cry, think again. It is actually very manly to cry. You are a Human Being with feelings, so it is perfectly ok to cry. Ok, so you can go ahead and cry in private just to maintain your ‘manly’ status. :)

Now you may be looking for a quick fix so you may not want to hear this: THERE ARE NO QUICK FIXES! You are going to have to ride it out. And yes, I said, “have to”, because if you force yourself to push out of it you will crash right back into that situation or maybe worse. While you are riding it out, keep busy. You can use that time to:

1. Catch up on your reading

2. Watch re-runs of any of your favourite TV shows (My favs: Matlock, Murder She Wrote & Scooby-doo) :)

3. Take up Ballroom Dancing

4. Get back to nature by taking a walk in a park

5. Find a beach where you can sit and listen to the waves crashing against the shore.

6. Listen to soothing music

7. Get up and dance to one of your favourite tunes.

8. Exercise regularly and eat well. You are working towards getting better and feeling healthier.

9. Clear your mind of clutter. Look around your surroundings either at work or at home. Is everything in a neat organized pile or is your working or living area buried under old stuff that can be trashed? You may find that once you clean up your surroundings your mind will become uncluttered and you will find yourself becoming interested in new things that you may not have even been aware that you were interested in.

10. Clear your Money energy. Are your bills in order? You don’t need to pay everything right now. Sometimes by just opening up the bills, throwing out the excess paper and then filing those bills will go along way in helping you get your finances back on track. You will have a better idea as to how and where your money is coming and going.

You are in a period of transition. Whenever we go through any major illness in our life or just about any major changes, there is always going to be a period of transition. You are transitioning from the old to the new. In between the transition from the old to the new there is a space. It is called the Void. When you are in this void you will feel empty, space less, lost and confused. Don’t despair, it is expected. That is just your human self feeling the loss of the old way of doing things. In order to move to the new you will need to completely close the door to the old.

Even though they don’t feel like it at the time, life’s transitions are always positive. It is easy to say that I shouldn’t have gotten involved that person or I should have taken that job or a lot of other should-a, would-a, could-a. Even in the deepest pain there is always a lesson to be learned and or something within us that needs to be healed. When we stop trying to control our lives and allow it to flow then we will be much happier. Our lives are always flowing in the direction that it needs to, not in the direction we think it should flow in. This doesn’t mean that we won’t have major ups and down, but we will be able to manage them from a much healthier standpoint. However, if we learn to look at our lives as everything that has happened or is happening is exactly where we need to be in that moment then we will be able to appreciate all that is happening.


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