If you pride yourself on your jewelry collection, then you need to make sure you store it where you can find it.

Today’s jewelry organizers can keep the smallest to the largest jewelry collections well organized and, most importantly, visible, so you don’t forget about what you have. When it comes time to pick out the right earrings, necklace or ring, you will know right where to look.


The first thing you should do is determine how you want to organize your jewelry. If you are someone who has a lot of sets – say a necklace and matching earrings – then you may want to keep your collection together using a small ring box or maybe a pouch. That way, you will not have to hunt around for the matching pieces.

Or you may decide to organize by color. This can work well, especially for sterling silver pieces, which need to be stored with anti-tarnish materials. Keep them together in an anti-tarnish atmosphere.

Or, if you are more of a generalist, you may want to organize by how you will be storing your collection. There are four basic jewelry organizers to consider.

Jewelry Boxes and Cases

Start small with a 10½-inch by 7-inch ring or earring case. This little suede-like fabric case clips shut. It opens to reveal 24 cubbies to hold your earrings or other small pieces. The box is available in rose, tan, black and blue. The case is 2¼ inches deep, so you can stack more than one in a dresser drawer.

Go a little larger with a clear-top ring box. Measuring a concise 9 inches by 20 inches, this box has a clear top, so you can see what is inside without even opening the lid. It features nine padded ring dividers that will store rings or even a pin collection. If you need more than one of the cases, they stack nicely on top of each other.

For a case with a little more presence, check out the glass top jewelry case made of cherry wood. It is designed to hold watches, with its 15 padded cushions, but it can also accommodate bracelets, necklaces and pins. It comes with a gold-toned lock and tassel key, and measures 11½ inches by 11 inches and is 4¾ inches tall.

Countertop Containers

These containers are more like the conventional jewelry boxes we all know, although they come in a variety of unconventional styles. More importantly, they are designed to rest on the top of a dresser or counter top. They are not meant to be tucked inside a dresser drawer.

A good example of a countertop container is the upright jewelry valet. Designed with a modern java-toned appearance, this valet has nine areas to store your jewelry. The first space is located under the chest’s lid. Lift it up to find a mirrored lid and four divided cubbies to hold any number of pieces. Underneath are five drawers, each containing similarly divided spaces. There is also a drawer at the bottom of the chest with a padded roll for rings. On either side of the chest are swinging doors, which, when opened, reveal hooks to hang necklaces. This chest will contain a nice collection and still fit on your dresser. Made of a wood composite, it measures 11 inches wide by 14¾ inches high and 7 inches deep.

Hanging Jewelry Organizers

These organizers run the gamut – from simple suction cup ring keepers you affix to your shower wall to over-the-door racks that can accommodate more than 300 pieces of jewelry.
The over-the-door rack will display a sizeable jewelry collection and keep it from getting entangled with other pieces. It has:

• 10 ring hooks that hold up to 50 rings
• a rack that holds at least 75 pairs of earrings, bracelets or watches
• 16 necklace hooks that hold more than 100 necklaces
The great thing about this rack is that it hangs in spaces you probably would not use any way. It can hang on the back of a door or it can be mounted on a wall. It’s made of powder-coated steel and measures 21½ inches wide by 31 inches tall and 4 inches deep.

Jewelry Armoires and Chests

These armoires and chests also come in a variety of sizes – from floor-standing models to wall-mounted armoires. They wisely come in a variety of decors – especially since they are so large that they cannot easily be hidden.

To give you an idea of how substantial they can be, the over-door mirror and jewelry armoire is so large that it can hold 36 necklaces, 48 earrings and 96 rings. It also has 12 cubbies to hold watches, bracelets, pins and more. This modern, full-length mirror hangs securely over any door and measures 48 inches long by 14 inches wide and 4 inches deep.

No matter how big your collection, there is a jewelry organizer for you. Find the perfect one now.

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