If you have just experienced a relationship break up I know how hard it can be. Getting together after a breakup; If you are questioning if you can save your relationship, it will depend on your particular situation. Below you will find a few tips that may help make a difference for you.

How to get back together after a break up; A complete solution to get your ex back into your life is provided at the end of this write-up, meanwhile let's build the foundation.

Before you make any move toward getting your girl or boyfriend back, make sure you want to do this for the right reasons. If you just can't face letting them go because you will feel alone or think they belong to you and no one else, then you should reconsider trying to get them back. Those are not rightful reasons for saving a relationship.

If you have decided you want to get your ex back for reasons that make intellect, here are a few tips which may help.

1. You must understand that if you are to save your relationship, you cannot do all the work yourself. Your ex must be willing and able to meet you halfway to make it work. Too many times only one person tends to be the one fixing things, if that sounds like you this is something you cannot do by yourself without some obligation from your partner.

2. When you communication with your ex, both of you must avoid criticizing or condemning each other. This will only build more annoyance and bitterness and increase the chance of resolving issues. In a sense you would be building a wall between you that would be hard to break down.

If the two of you have trouble communicating and are willing to make another go at your relationship, perhaps therapy or a good relationship repair book could help. There are lots of resources available to help most situations that are encountered.

3. If you did something to cause the break up, take possession of it. It can be not easy taking the blame, but if you reject being at fault or blame someone else your chances of reuniting are slim. After owning up to it, make a genuine apology to you boy or girlfriend for your actions. This may be all that is needed by your ex to get the ball rolling.

By following these three steps you could be on your way to saving your relationship. Do not expect to fix things overnight but if the two of you are willing to work together you have a chance to get back into the relationship both of you want.

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